The expert in drivetrain testing has been around for 30 years.

Excellent services in drivetrain testing combined with the necessary engineering & equipment – that is ATESTEO.

Our 120 drivetrain test benches are located all over the world. Renowned car manufacturers and suppliers place their trust in our independent testing results. Thanks to the adjustable state-of-the-art features of our test benches, the scalability of our own testing software, and the high level of expertise of our employees, we can vouch for our results unreservedly. We base our confidence on 30 years of experience.

Welcome to ATESTEO – the leading drivetrain testing specialist for the automotive manufacturing and supplying industry.

Drivetrain testing

Drivetrain Testing

ATESTEO stands for 30 years of experience in drivetrain testing.

For safe processes and reliable results. For supreme knowledge of the industry and its technologies. And for customer-oriented operations on 120 drivetrain test benches located in Germany and China.


  • Drivetrain testing
  • NVH/acoustics
  • Brake lab
  • Vehicle tests

Test range

  • Durability
  • Efficiency
  • Environmental simulation
  • Functional inspections
  • Brake lab
  • NVH/acoustics
  • Automotive trial

Proximity to our customers means offering expertise locally

Precision and reliability play a central part in testing and measuring the performance of the drivetrain within the overall system. This is why we are present wherever our customers are. ATESTEO has branches, agencies, and partners in Germany, China, Japan, and the US to offer safe, independent testing and measuring on a local basis. We support our customers’ increasingly short development cycles with flexibility and short reaction and set-up times. Our hardware, software, and professional expertise are kept at a state-of-the-art level to ensure that we meet your testing requirements for seasoned drive systems as well as for new ones. This allows ATESTEO to stay true to its role as an independent drivetrain testing partner and guarantee maximum safety by delivering valid results using the latest procedures.

About us

Safety and quality for our customers


Always one step ahead.


Welcome to our team

There are many reasons for our success – 450 of them make up our staff

At ATESTEO, humans and technology coalesce in a meaningful, successful way. Our specialists test all common drivetrains using state-of-the-art test benches, which can be adjusted to meet a wide range of customer requirements. They accompany our customers throughout the duration of the project. Their high level of engineering skill and expertise allows them to comprehend any situation and task given by their customers in detail, develop appropriate testing solutions, and produce safe results. Thanks to our large test bench capacities, we can react to individual requirements rapidly with automated, standardised, or customised testing procedures. Consultation, set-up, testing, and reporting are always carried out in accordance with specified time limits, no matter how strict. Anything is possible for our customers.

Welcome to the number one in drivetrain testing!

We combine the high technical standard of our drivetrain test benches, our flexible and solution-oriented processes, and our experienced and competent employees to handle our customers’ testing projects in the best possible way – over many years of cooperation. ATESTEO offers a wide range of possibilities for efficient drivetrain testing. Potential capacity bottlenecks are bridged within no time flat. Take advantage of our expert knowledge during each and every project, and benefit from the flexibility and technical standard of the ATESTEO drivetrain test benches. Visit ATESTEO and test your standards and innovations at the old new leading independent specialist for drivetrain testing!

ATESTEO. Excellence in drivetrain testing.