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Automated efficiency measurements as the key to more energy efficiency

The innovative procedure developed by ATESTEO to automatically determine efficiency with dynamic, flexible automation and at the same time low modification overhead. Read more...

E-mobility at ATESTEO: electric and hybrid drive system testing

Automated driving is already possible in many cars. Cars that glide across the road quietly and with low emissions, and at some point even without a driver, are the vision. A new world of mobility is emerging and e-mobility is its main driver. Read more...

ATESTEO NVH test benches

NVH testing is an important point for how satisfied customers are with their vehicles. During testing, it is important to distinguish between desired and undesired NVH effects. Read more...


In the ATESTEO blog, you will learn all about testing drivetrains in test benches, NVH testing, the brake laboratory, vehicle testing, thermal tests, and the new possibilities in the field of e-mobility testing. In addition, we reflect on current trends in the industry for you and give you a glimpse of the work at ATESTEO.