ATESTEO Testing Cockpit: the digital visit to your test bench

The service tool ATESTEO Testing Cockpit brings the test bench to you digitally. Have a look at details of your test no matter where you are – at the office, working from home, or wherever you happen to be.

For decades, having a look at the test bench to view the live display of the most important data was possible only by visiting the physical test bench or contacting the ATESTEO team on the premises. Now, our sites in Germany, China, Japan, and the USA are becoming closer together. Through the development of the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit, the important information is available to customers independently of location and time.
The new service tool is an expression of ATESTEO’s customer-oriented and data-driven focus, creating the platform that makes testing services digitally accessible. It meets the market’s demand for a secure, easy-to-use tool. All that is needed to access the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit is a device with access to the Internet.

The ATESTEO Testing Cockpit allows you to:

  • Access the status of your test at any time.
  • Follow the progression of the test and its setup.
  • Monitor all tests online.
  • Modify all tests in conjunction with the project team at ATESTEO.

The testing requirements of our customers are constantly growing and their implementation requires a high degree of flexibility and scalability. To meet this need, we offer PDES, our powerful test bench automation system, which is applied and proven around the globe. PDES, with its open architecture and broad support of common interfaces and standards, demonstrates its performance on a daily basis at all ATESTEO locations. We are now building on PDES with the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit. Because it has online visualization available at any time and web meetings in pilot mode, it provides our customers with the greatest possible transparency during the entire testing process in a convenient, simple, and secure manner.

Horst Frantzen, Head of Software Products, ATESTEO

You are only a click away from a view of your test bench. The benefits of the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit:

Lower costs with decentralized troubleshooting

In the past, it might have been necessary to travel to the physical test bench for a short time if software or other components threw an error message. Now, using the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit, you can work together with us online in a single tool, saving valuable time and travel costs. Faster, decentralized troubleshooting also helps to avoid possible downtime and the extra costs associated with it.

More flexibility and transparency via the customized online view.

The ATESTEO Testing Cockpit provides you the status of your tests at any time. You have your own insight online into your drivetrain tests at ATESTEO without waiting for your contact person. Working with your ATESTEO test bench team can also be planned more flexibly and rapidly using your online access.

Quickly react to faults or changes

The ATESTEO Testing Cockpit gives you an immediate overview of your tests in progress and being set up. This allows you to react even faster to errors or changes, for more transparency in testing processes.

Save a lot of time by working online

If you would like to view the status of your testing project or speak about and add new test parameters with our project team, you do not need to be on our premises. Just take advantage of the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit and save valuable time.

Communicate and adapt your test in real time

Easily communicate and interact with our team using the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit and a browser on your computing device – without additional software. Telephone calls or time-robbing meetings at our premises are no longer necessary. During your tests, you can communicate online in real time with our experts. You can adjust graphs yourself or newly configure them in a flexible way; the data will be displayed immediately in a way that reflects the changes you have made.

High degree of security and internal, private servers

The ATESTEO Testing Cockpit makes you independent of place and time when you monitor or adjust your testing projects. At the same time, the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit meets the highest security standards through security by design and taking into account ISO and TISAX standards. Our Testing Cockpit is not a cloud solution, but runs completely on servers from ATESTEO.

Test benches at ATESTEO

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The ATESTEO Testing Cockpit is easy to reach, is clearly laid out, and enables a digital visit of the test bench.

Environmental simulation, endurance tests, efficiency tests, functional tests, NVH tests, and all other tests on the test bench – using the Testing Cockpit, you can follow your tests at ATESTEO conveniently from your office, your manufacturing plant, or your office at home. Our digital customer solution enables you to view information about your tests and to come into contact with the team at ATESTEO.

Your access to the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit. There are three modes for your requirements.

We offer you three possibilities of accessing the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit. Depending on the selected mode, you can view your projects or coordinate in real time directly with the team at ATESTEO. The Economy Mode is the basic service for all test bench projects. After you have booked, the Economy Mode is is available to you automatically and free of charge. If you upgrade to the Business Mode, you can access additional features. In Pilot Mode, you additionally can actively adjust test specifications and come into contact with the managers of your project.

Function extension

As of February 2024, the “Data transfer” function is available in your Testing Cockpit profile – for simple data storage and secure access to your projects’ data. This new plugin allows users to easily store, and exchange files related to your projects with the ATESTEO test bench personnel.

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Testing Cockpit update: release in May 2023

Version 1.0 of the Testing Cockpits has been available to all our customers since the beginning of this year. We are excited to have expanded the functionality and improved performance with our release in May 2023.

You, too, can take advantage of our digital service tool and become a part of the future of testing along with ATESTEO. Should you have feedback or questions about the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit, please just get in touch with us! We would be pleased to hear from you.

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