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In the ATESTEO blog, you will learn all about testing drivetrains in test benches, NVH testing, the brake laboratory, vehicle testing, thermal tests, and the new possibilities in the field of e-mobility testing. In addition, we reflect on current trends in the industry for you and give you a glimpse of the work at ATESTEO.


Alsdorf E-Rally at ATESTEO

Electric vehicle drivers stop off at the leading specialist for Drivetrain Testing – Test drives on the own test track at ATESTEO and exchange of knowledge in the area of e-mobility.




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With over 200 test benches in Germany, China and Japan, ATESTEO is the leading specialist for drivetrain testing combined with component validation, vehicle measurement technology, and engineering services. The company is among the top partners of the automotive and automotive supply industries around the globe—also in e-mobility testing.

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