Drivetrain testing with the number one!

Your requirements, wishes, and goals are what drive us. Whether the power is from a combustion engine, electric motor, or hybrid drive — we support you to develop and implement new, low-emission transmissions and drives. As the leading drivetrain testing specialist, we offer you drivetrain testing and powertrain testing along with further engineering and testing services. At over 150 of our own test benches, we test your complete drivetrain or individual components. Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) and braking performance tests are part of our drivetrain testing service range. We also perform complete vehicle testing on the roller dynamometer test bench and at our proving grounds. ATESTEO especially stays abreast of changes in electric vehicles. With e-motor powertrain testing test benches and hybrid test benches, we support you in your creating e-mobility technologies.

ATESTEO E-Mobility

Drivetrain testing und powertrain testing.

As the leading drivetrain testing specialist, ATESTEO concentrates its entire competence and experience on testing the entire drivetrain on test benches. With our powertrain testing services, we test vehicle engines and components that supply power to the driving wheels.

Drivetrain testing competence and services.

Growth, quality, and increasing efficiency are the challenges which the automobile and automotive supply industries must meet with innovative solutions. To a high degree, increasing efficiency has to do with the drivetrain, as effective CO2 reduction can be reached through improved gearing efficiency. As the worldwide leader for drivetrain testing, ATESTEO is your strong partner in this field. With tests custom designed to your requirements, we create the foundation for you to optimise fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions of your existing drivetrain technologies. This service is built into a comprehensive drivetrain testing service range which also contains requirements for the complete vehicle and individual components of the drivetrain.

Your requirements – our drivetrain testing solutions:

Test benches

Your requirement: Optimising the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of your present powertrain technology and developing new drivetrain technologies.

Our drivetrain testing solution: With over 130 test benches in Germany and China, along with representations in Japan, ATESTEO is located where drivetrain development takes place in the automotive industry. The adaptable equipment of our test benches enables quick and custom resolution of your measurement and testing challenges — including when it comes to carrying out highly complex drivetrain testing for the electrification and hybridisation of the powertrain.

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Component testing

Your requirement: Individual components are to be undergo various development or release tests.

Our drivetrain testing solution: By means of our methodology and our comprehensive drivetrain testing service range, we can conduct the complete cross-check process from environmental simulation and functional testing to vibrational behaviour. Our employees test your components for you, ranging from tyres, brakes, and steering system to particle filters. Whether at test benches or at our test track, whether strength testing or environmental simulation — ATESTEO offers you one-stop service.

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Vehicle testing

Your requirement: Testing the entire vehicle or component tests under real driving conditions, along with determining the real emissions during driving.

Our drivetrain testing solution: Owing to the increasing complexity of the powertrain, complete vehicle testing is becoming increasingly important. Whether a simple endurance test, functional test, or complex vehicle application, whether for the development of new drivetrain technologies or materials — ATESTEO offers comprehensive testing facilities. State-of-the-art roller test benches and an exhaust roller for emissions and fuel consumption testing, equipped with cutting-edge measurement technology, enable a variety of diverse drivetrain testing scenarios.

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Your advantage at the leading drivetrain testing specialists:

  • Reliable, independent drivetrain testing partner
  • Extensive transmission and powertrain know-how
  • Reliability of processes and results
  • Competence in testing and pre- and post-processing
  • Low operating costs
  • Utilization management excellence
  • High testing capacities
  • Application flexibility
  • Test bench setup corresponding to drivetrain testing demand

Drivetrain testing at ATESTEO: High capacities. Low costs. Extensive know-how.

On ATESTEO test benches, various investigations can be conducted to test entire transmissions or only part of the transmission. For this purpose, we offer you different drivetrain testing possibilities. On 150 of our own test benches, we carry out studies of all of the relevant aspects concerning transmissions: service life; efficiency measurements; environmental simulation; functional tests of all components of the powertrain; brake testing; noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) testing; and tests on the roller dynamometer test bench. Furthermore, ATESTEO conducts tests according to national and international standards, and our own in-house proving grounds are certified.

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Drivetrain testing: service life testing

Determining the service life of individual components or assemblies of a powertrain right up to entire transmissions can be achieved on the test bench in a short period of time with a specified excessive stress. The resulting pattern of damage should represent the service life of the vehicle similarly to customer conditions. ATESTEO is able to conduct appropriate inspection procedures and tests on its own test benches, both with pure electrics and using the combustion engine. Virtually stationary states and dynamic operations are simulated during the test cycle. The test benches can be adapted to the requirements of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, moving working trains, or high-speed trains.

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Drivetrain testing: efficiency

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of vehicles are a dominant topic in the current discussion about climate change. Improvements such as weight reduction, improvement to the combustion engine, or modification of shifting strategies can result in reducing gases harmful to the environment through the drivetrain. Current transmissions already have an efficiency ratio of greater than 97%, so it is a challenge to measure improvements in efficiency in the transmission. ATESTEO torque measuring devices and flanges with two independent measurement ranges is one solution. Using this dual telemetry system can reduce the uncertainty of results caused by mechanical remodelling of the measurement equipment. Highly accurate measurement results can therefore be achieved, combined with an accuracy of less than 0.05% with respect to the measurement range end value.

  • Drag loss measurement
  • Drag torque measurement
  • Spin loss measurement
  • Efficiency test measurements
  • Oil level investigations
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Drivetrain testing: environmental simulation

The powertrain of a vehicle is subject to a variety of influences from the environment during its entire service life. These influence performance and service life, and therefore influence the impact on the environment as well. The interactions between the drivetrain and its environment are investigated using environmental simulation methods.

  • High temperature test
  • Temperature behaviour
  • Alternating temperature test
  • Low temperature test
  • Humidity
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Drivetrain testing: functional testing

On our functional test benches, we are able to carry out special investigations on all components of a drivetrain and of many other components:

  • Synchronisation
  • External and internal shifting
  • Cable pulley
  • Flexplate
  • Hydrodynamic converters
  • Housings
  • Shafts
  • Driving gearwheels
  • Testing the effect of driving dynamics on the oil circulation system
  • Drag torque measurements
  • Much more; just ask us!

Various test procedures between the crankshaft and wheel flange are possible. Our test benches are adapted to the required test procedures to meet customer requirements.

  • Performance test ECE-R 85
  • Idling test
  • Lubrication
  • Shifting analysis
  • Deflection
  • Release bearing
  • Drift measurement
  • Impact test
  • Wear pattern investigation
  • Break test
  • Bend circumference inspection
  • Ballooning
  • Burn-up test
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Drivetrain testing: NVH/acoustics

Vehicle testing
One decisive criterion when assessing vehicles is internal noise behaviour. Caused by internal components, the effects on internal noise behaviour can ultimately only be evaluated in the overall vehicle. Various airborne-sound measurements can be used in the passenger compartment. Comparable airborne-sound measurements between the passenger compartment and, for example, the engine compartment are a requirement for determining how sound and vibrations are transmitted between the two. Measurements of structure-borne sound on all vehicle components serve to determine vibration behaviour and can also be used to analyse the sound path.

NVH test benches
Automotive manufacturers are eager to reduce the development times for new models significantly. The development and optimisation of vehicle part systems on special test benches brings one important time saving. It has previously only been possible to start adapting these systems once the vehicle prototypes were available. ATESTEO NVH drivetrain test benches make it possible to optimise vibrations throughout the entire drivetrain to the greatest possible extent with a significant lead time. Alongside saving time, this also brings a significant cost reduction, as the number of vehicle prototypes can be reduced.

ATE test chamber
ATESTEO’s gear acoustic test bench ATE (anechoic test chamber for transmissions with engine torque pulsation simulation) is certified to ISO 3745 class 1. It enables a great variety of gear noises to be investigated, separate from the remaining drivetrain. With transmission whine, which is caused by the teeth meshing, up 6000 rpm and 490 Nm can be measured on the primary shaft. To measure gear rattle that is generated by the loose parts stochastically knocking against one another, the drive motor is able to simulate the torsional oscillation of a combustion engine. During testing, the drive motor produces a torque that reliably prevents the intermeshing pairs of teeth from being lifted off. What is special here is that the driving side is decoupled from the driven side in terms of torsional vibrations with the help of a dual-mass flywheel. Around 1500 rad/s² can be introduced to the transmission for up to 4000 rpm.

Damping torsional vibration
The torsional vibrations that are activated in the drivetrain by the gas and forces of inertia of the piston engines are perceived as body boom or as gear rattle. Greater comfort demanded by customers has led automotive manufacturers to develop innovative solutions for vibration decoupling and to introduce them onto the market even for mid-range and small vehicle classes. Considering the background of comprehensive detailed expertise and based on specially adapted measurement and testing technology, ATESTEO offers expert support to develop torsional vibration dampers for the passenger vehicle drivetrain:

  • Friction washer dampers
  • Dual-mass flywheel
  • Converter clutch with torsional vibration damper

Various component test benches and specially configurable drivetrain test benches enable comprehensive investigations to be carried out to monitor functions and to approve different systems for damping rotational irregularities. Tuning and verification investigations on the test vehicle are already producing usable results in terms of insulation quality and noise behaviour in the early prototype stage. Thanks to this comprehensive range of services, ATESTEO is significantly able to minimise the length of time and costs of the development of rotational vibration dampers.

Drivetrain testing: vehicle testing and road tests

For testing the complete vehicle, ATESTEO uses a dynamometer and our own proving grounds, where driving dynamics, noise tests, and fuel consumption tests are conducted. Tests of individual assemblies such as transmissions or axle drives are possible without separating them from the rest of the vehicle. Vehicles are subjected to loads on the dynamometer with street loads or constant loads, over a longer period of time as well. This enables endurance and durability testing. Noise testing is conducted on both the dynamometer and the test track. The test track is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 362 und ECE R 51 for PBN testing. Fuel consumption and fuel economy tests take place on the dynamometer.

Acoustics measurements, vehicle interior noise, torsion vibrations
An essential criterion during evaluation of a vehicle is vibration and noise behaviour. The effects of vibrational behaviour of individual drivetrain components on interior noise can only be assessed in the complete vehicle. This is accomplished by various airborne noise measurements in the passenger compartment; for example, with arrays of microphones. Comparative airborne and structure-borne sound measurements between the passenger and engine compartments offer the precondition for determining how sound is transferred. To do this, we employ measurement and analyse tools from HEAD acoustics. The torsional behaviour of the drivetrain; such as, for example, stiffness, play, and resonance, is investigated with the help of a system from the company Rotec which has been designed especially for this purpose. A test track and an acoustic dynamometer (roller test bench) (certified in accordance with DIN 45635 class 1) are available at ATESTEO for this longitudinal dynamics investigation.

Driving dynamics testing
Driving dynamics investigations into the longitudinal dynamics of a vehicle are carried out at ATESTEO on a dynamometer. During testing, a load test program is implemented as a test bench control program. Typical load test programs are testing programs of the automotive and automotive supply manufacturers that are exactly simulated at ATESTEO. The dynamometer is set up for the load with the rolling resistance characteristic curve for the vehicle to be tested and a total weight specified for the testing run. The vehicle may be operated by any actuator, or driving robot. The process implemented in the test bench control program regulates the speed at which the vehicle is to travel over time and, in the case of manual transmission vehicles, also controls the stipulated shifting points based on the engine speed. For guaranteed reliability of the test run, motor oil checks and visible inspection of the transmission, axle differential, and tires are carried out. The stipulated measurement values are displayed during the test run on the screen of the measurement data monitoring system and are monitored during the entire run time of the vehicle by a test bench computer. In addition, the test bench is monitored by operating personnel.

Fuel consumption and fuel economy measurements
ATESTEO measures fuel consumption on the dynamometer. This assures constant investigations under the same conditions. The dynamometer is adjusted to the load with the rolling resistance characteristic curve for the vehicle to be tested and a total weight stipulated for the test run. The dynamometer is subsequently corrected to the data required for the vehicle’s rolling load by an adjustment run. All usual drive cycles used worldwide can be simulated as a test program. The cycle program is shown during the test on a computer monitor. This monitor displays the speed to be driven by the vehicle over time. The driver reconstructs this speed profile. Consumption within the speed profile is recorded using a flow meter DFL 2 to measure fuel consumption. The measured data is analysed for the European drive cycle (NEDC, New European Driving Cycle) for three areas of consumption: urban traffic, extra-urban traffic, and combined consumption.

Pass-by noise measurements in accordance with DIN ISO 362
On our own in-house test track at the ATESTEO corporate proving grounds in Alsdorf, Germany, which is protected from view, we conduct pass-by noise (PBN) measurements while the vehicle is driving past under acceleration similarly to DIN ISO 362 in accordance with the new guideline R 51. During measurements for vehicles from passenger cars to heavy-duty vehicles, noise levels are measured at both sides at the track while the vehicle drives by.

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Drivetrain testing: road testing

Road trials and vehicle testing are indispensable parts of the complex process of development and continuous optimization of vehicles. They deliver crucial input into the entire development process from near-series prototypes (pre-production testing) to the endurance testing of series production (standard) vehicles (frequently more than several million kilometres). Within our range of services for vehicle road tests, we offer tried and tested drivetrain testing services for every sort of challenge.

Test runs on the short track

  • Road load data acquisition (rig test cycle development)
  • Measurement runs and equipping the vehicle with instrumentation for the measurements
  • Functional testing; e.g. shifting behaviour, NVH testing, temperature behaviour
  • Extreme hot and cold climate conditions
  • Benchmarking

Test runs for long distances (24/7 operations)

  • Validation
  • Quality assurance
  • Support launching vehicle components, vehicle subassemblies, or the entire vehicle
  • “Real world” endurance testing
  • Mileage accumulation

Trials at test benches

  • All distances in 24/7 operations at one of our 150 ATESTEO test benches
  • Coupling of rig testing with road trials
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Drivetrain testing: brake laboratory

When it comes to testing brakes and braking, we carry out homologation along with all relevant test programmes in accordance with international, national, and factory standards. These tests do not just include tear, performance, and wear tests, but also NVH tests. In addition to these standards for commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, and motorcycles, special projects can be carried out for special applications in motor sport, industry, or in shipbuilding. ATESTEO offers the option to set up custom test benches. ATESTEO also offers the following test benches:

  • Utility vehicle flywheel mass test bench
  • Passenger car flywheel mass test bench
  • Motorcycle flywheel mass test bench
  • Running-in test bench
  • Drag torque test bench
  • Semi-dynamic strength test bench for disk and drum brakes
  • Characteristic curve test bench for pneumatic brake cylinders
  • Mechanism for measuring hysteresis
  • Mechanism for measuring the effectiveness of adjustments

The custom scaling and adjustment of our test benches to individual test procedures means that ATESTEO is in a position to react quickly and flexibly to new challenges:

  • Brake tests in accordance with international procedures and standards such as, for example, ISO, SAE, JASO, and FMVSS
  • Homologation in accordance with EWG and ECE
  • Testing according to factory standards
  • Test service for motor sport
  • Strength testing
  • Determination of the characteristic curves of brake cylinders
  • Hysteresis measurement
  • Testing the effectiveness of adjustments
  • Determination of residual torque and drag torque
  • Dynamic testing programmes
  • Track simulation; for example, Rossfeld, Nürburgring
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Drivetrain testing: hot gas testing

For the thermal testing of your complete exhaust systems and elements such as catalytic converters, exhaust gas heat exchangers, gaskets, mufflers, suspensions, and pipes, we use hot gas. Our services for you:

  • High-temperature strength testing
  • Thermal shock testing
  • Increased thermal shock stress
  • Production control
  • Stress with excessive temperatures
  • Thermal fatigue testing
  • Time lapse function
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Drivetrain testing: prototype workshop

With individual services or complete solutions automotive customers can test, improve and expand existing prototypes and have new prototypes developed. In the field of prototype workshop, ATESTEO offers the concept, construction and testing of prototypes so that transmission components can be examined and optimised at an early stage of development.

Full-service in the ATESTEO prototype workshop:

  • Failure analysis of the component including photographic documentation
  • Prototype development
  • Prototype improvement
  • Prototype workshop and installation
  • Prototype assembly
  • Reverse engineering
  • Benchmarking
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