Mechanical production for custom test challenges.

Our high-performance mechanical production allows us to meet your specific challenges for component testing quickly, flexibly, and independently. In a short time, we create measurement equipment, components for the test bench setups, and prototypes, all custom-made to your requirements.

Our mechanical production services at a glance:

  • CNC milling on three- to five-axle CNC machining centres
  • CNC turning at CNC machining centres
  • Flat (surface) and cylindrical grinding at CNC machining centres
  • Vast experience in measurement technology and building prototypes
  • Comprehensive advice during construction and while choosing materials

Mechanical production at ATESTEO: Flexibility to high standards.

Mechanical production is a division of ATESTEO certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 with a focus on CNC milling and machining — from finishing prototypes to small series. In our mechanical production division, we offer you the shortest possible delivery times and maximum flexibility with the help of a large warehouse and a variety of immediately available materials. Many customers from the automotive industry and the classic mechanical engineering field trust our competence in mechanical production. Owing to our modern and wide range of machinery, our productive and highly-qualified staff members, and our reliable partners in the fields of heat and surface treatment, we offer you the highest quality and flexibility, along with complete finishing, from one source. We would be glad to support your mechanical production needs from construction through the entire process.

Our mechanical production services:

CNC milling

CNC milling is a versatile production process allowing for a wide range of materials to be processed with maximum precision. With our modern, high-performance machinery, along with the latest generation of tools, we are able to manage complex challenges ranging from prototypes to small series production. By using our CAD/CAM software, we are able to process all the standard data formats of our customers, feeding this data into the production process.

5-axis CNC milling machines:

  • DMG Mori DMU 75 Monoblock
  • Hedelius RS 80 S
  • Hedelius RS 60 K
  • Hedelius RS 80 K
    (component sizes up to 800 x 800 x 500)

4-axis CNC milling machines:

  • Hermle U 1000 A
    (component sizes up to 1000 x 600 x 500)

3-axis CNC milling machines:

  • Hermle U 630 T
  • MIKRON UME 600
  • MIKRON WF 51 D
    (component sizes up to 600 x 600 x 450)

CAD/CAM software:

  • EdgeCam milling with direct interfaces for the usual 2D und 3D CAD systems

CNC turning

Our production process for rotationally symmetric components is the CNC lathe. A highly precise fabrication of nearly every shape and form (geometry) is possible, from polymers, non-ferrous metals, and various sorts of steel to hard machining. By using modern, high-performance machines, we are able to offer precision machining and heavy-duty machining to cost-efficiently fabricate parts for everything from prototypes to small series.

CNC lathes:

  • MAZAK Quickturn 10 with bar load feeder (magazine) up to a diameter of 40 mm
  • MAZAK Quickturn Nexus 250
  • MAZAK Quickturn Nexus 350-II
  • SCHERER VDZ 80 (component sizes up to a diameter of 400 at a length of 500 mm)

Cycle-run universal lathes:

  • Boehringer VDF DUS 560 ti
  • Weiler E50 (component sizes to a diameter of 350 at a length of 2000 mm)


  • Weiler DA 210/1000
  • Boehringer VDF DUE 560
  • GDW LZ 360 S


Grinding is a production process to fabricate components with special requirements. Our grinders allow for achieving dimension tolerances and surface qualities that are not possible to achieve with turning (lathe) and milling. To be able to deliver exact proof, we use appropriate measuring instruments. Our rich treasure of experience is applied to dealing with materials from soft ones to those with hardnesses of 65 on the Rockwell scale.

CNC cylindrical grinding machine:

  • Studer S 31
    (External grinding, also at angles. Component sizes to a diameter of 250 at a length of 600 mm)

Surface (flat) grinding machines:

  • Elb
  • de gen
    (component sizes up to 250 x 300 x 250)


In addition to the various machining processes, we also offer further services such as key way slotting (broaching), various welding and soldering methods, and assembly or repair work. Our services comprise the entire spectrum of classic machining. We would be pleased to support and advise you concerning construction or choice of materials with regard to mechanical production.

Automated band saw:

  • KASTOtwin AE 4
    (component sizes to a diameter of 400)

Keyway milling machine:

  • Ravensburger
    (grooves up to 20mm and 150mm height with multiple keys)

Bench drill:

  • Flott TB 13 ST electronic

Box column drill, drill press:

  • Alzmetall AB 35 S

Welding equipment:

  • Up to 250A direct current and alternating current tungsten inert gas welding, along with MIG/MAG (metal-arc inert gas welding/metal-arc active gas welding), electric and oxy-fuel

Quality and environment

Our activities are very much rigorously oriented to the highest quality of our products. Continuous improvement, sinking process and defect costs, and competent, motivated employees are all part of a permanent process of optimisation. Constant further development, advancement, and momentum are just as important for us as the trust and long-term loyalty of our customers. ATESTEO’s mechanical production division has evolved from the company Wigra GmbH & Co. KG. In 1992, Wigra was one of the first trade businesses in the Aachen area to become certified by the TÜV Rheinland Group in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and subsequently in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. The quality management proven by these certifications is proof of our reliable services and a guarantee for high-quality solutions in the field of mechanical manufacturing and mechanical production. The environment is a part of our corporate strategy and included in all our operative activities. For this reason, all production processes, including machining, are also implemented with as much care as possible when it comes to saving resources and preserving the environment.

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 & 14001 by the TÜV Rheinland Group.

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Certification according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001 by the TÜV Rheinland Group.

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