Environmental simulation

ATESTEO is the leading specialist in drivetrain testing for combustion engines, electric drive systems, and hybrid drive systems. With many locations right where the automotive industry develops transmissions, ATESTEO offers drivetrain testing services close to the customer. The simulation of environmental influences plays a large role during the development of automobiles. The earlier and more reliably components can be tested on the test bench for their behaviour in terms of temperature, humidity, and shock, the more powerful and durable the drivetrain will be.

ATESTEO environmental simulation

Drivetrain optimisation through environmental simulation

The drivetrain of a vehicle is subject to a multitude of environmental influences throughout its service life. These influences characterise performance and service life; thus, their impact on the environment as well. With methods of environmental simulation, ATESTEO tests the interaction between the drivetrain and its environment. The aim of environmental simulation is to discover relationships between causes and effects and to qualify parts or components for given environmental conditions.

Environmental simulation at ATESTEO:

  • High temperature test
  • Thermal behaviour
  • Alternating temperature test
  • Low temperature test
  • Humidity

Test early — optimise early

ATESTEO — environmental simulation for electric and hybrid drive systems

The tests are concerned with the effects of the environment on:

  • Performance and functional behaviour of the test object.
  • Long-term behaviour and service life of the test object.
  • Reaction to the environment of the test object.

New environmental simulation test benches for all requirements

In addition to the existing classic stationary test benches, ATESTEO now offers new, modularly designed environmental simulation test benches which are installed compactly in mobile units. In a total of eight different configurations, with one or two load machines and an optional climate chamber, the new test benches for environmental simulation from ATESTEO can be adapted rapidly at any time to the respective testing needs of the customer. A battery simulator is added to the environmental simulation of electric and hybrid drive systems.

ATESTEO — environmental simulation for electric and hybrid drive systems

Modular concept – many possibilities

The new and innovative test benches for environmental simulation from ATESTEO are set up in a mobile unit according to the needs of the customer. This allows the testing chambers to be flexibly extended and connected to one another. At this time, up to eight modular test benches can be made available simultaneously for various environmental simulation scenarios or different test objects.

Set-up of the modular ATESTEO environmental simulation test bench

  • Climate control unit for circulating air:
    • Two separate liquid coolant supply circuits
    • Separate climate box with two drive shaft outlets
    • Indirect temperature control of the test room
  • Battery simulator for hybrid drives
  • Cooling oil supply and conditioning
  • Possibility of external drive of test objects and components
  • Automation system PDES 5
  • Test chamber 1: W x L x H: 1500 x 1550 x 1000 mm
  • Test chamber 2: W x L x H: 1550 x 1700 x 1100 mm with GFK (glass-fi bre) insert

Technical specifications of the ATESTEO modular environmental simulation test benches

  • Air conditioning
    • Temperature range: -40–160°C
    • 8 K/min on average with 200 kg test material
  • Fluid conditioning
    • Temperature range: -35–135°C
  • Humidity conditioning
    • Dew point temperature range: 5–88°C
    • Humidity range: 10–95% relative humidity
    • Temperature range: 10–95°C

Examples of customer-specific flexible solutions on the test bench for environmental simulation:

ATESTEO — measurements of idling/no load during environmental simulation on an modular environmental test bench

Power protection for idle measurements.

ATESTEO — control temperature and humidity during environmental simulation

Electric control cabinet for control of temperature and humidity.

ATESTEO — current and voltage measurement during environmental simulation

Power measurement technology for hybrid drives. Measures power and voltage.

ATESTEO — endurance tests for electric drive systems during environmental simulation

Test bench for electric drive systems. Endurance test.

Configurations for all drive types

In eight different test bench configurations, automobile manufacturers and vehicle component developers can test interactions between the drivetrain and its environment.

Operational possibilities of the mobile ATESTEO environmental simulation test benches:

  • Test bench with one output dyno
  • Test bench with one output dyno and battery simulator
  • Test bench with one output dyno, battery simulator and climate chamber
  • Test bench with two output dynos
  • Test bench with two output dynos and battery simulator
  • Test bench with two output dynos, battery simulator and climate chamber
  • Climate chamber
  • Climate chamber with battery simulator
ATESTEO — modular unit with integrated climate chamber including battery simulator for environmental simulation

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You can find further information on the ATESTEO Environmental simulation in our ATESTEO Environmental simulation brochure.

Download Environmental simulation brochure

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