Adaptable telemetry systems for equipping the drivetrain

Altogether, various telemetry systems are available for equipping a drivetrain for measuring and transmitting different measured variables such as torque, temperature, pressure, acceleration, and distance. This variety guarantees a high probability of integrating the measurement technology into existing systems without functional impairments under a wide variety of operating conditions.

An overview of our telemetry systems

IRTS – temperature telemetry

Measure temperatures in your newly developed electric powertrain

with ATESTEO’s new temperature telemetry system IRTS for installation …

  • In objects under test containing rotating components
  • On rotating shafts
  • “Side-by-side” in tandem with a torque measuring shaft (torquemeter)

Key data:

  • Up to 16 temperature measuring sites
  • -20 … 125 °C operating temperature (for the electronics)
  • High rotational speeds possible
  • Customized designs of the electronics and the rotor body are possible

RFTS-1 telemetry

The telemetry system RFTS-1 from ATESTEO is a complete set for equipping vehicle drivetrains for essential torque and temperature measurements.

It contains all components for installation on the spot:

  • Stator unit with antenna
  • Rotor electronics
  • Evaluation unit VETAS

General data on our telemetry system

  • Easy to install and user-friendly
  • Usable with strain gauges or thermocouples
  • Wireless data and energy transfer with only one winding
  • Up to 70 mm gap between the transmission coils
  • Signal bandwidth 0…1 kHz (-3 dB)
  • Power supply 9–36 V DC
  • Low power consumption

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