Measuring temperatures at rotating parts (IRTS)

Measure temperatures in your new developed electric drive

with ATESTEOs new temperature telemetry system IRTS for installation…

  • inside of specimen with rotating parts,
  • onto rotating shafts or
  • side-by-side attached to a torquemeter

IRTS resists high rotational speeds, suitable for high speed motors.

The new temperature telemetry system allows measuring up to 16 temperatures inside of rotating machines such as newly developed motors of electric vehicles. The IRTS electronics contain boards which realize the contact-less power supply and data transfer in the typical stator rotor combination. With customized designs of boards and carriers, the rotor and stator can optionally be adapted to your specimen and integrated into its rotating parts. For quick applications with more space, the system can be ordered with two half shells which are rapidly designed and manufactured and clamped around a rotating shaft.

With the modern user interface the setup can be done via an integrated website. Output signals such as voltage and CAN bus can be configured intuitively. Failure detection and cold-junction compensation are standard in the system.

Analysis of temperature characteristics of your e-motor made easy.

Our new IRTS temperature telemetry system

IRTS temperature telemetry system (Half shell rotor, stator, evaluation unit, thermocouple)


  • Up to 16 temperature channels
  • -20 … 125 °C temperature range for electronics
  • High speed stability
  • CAN bus output / analogue voltage output
  • Thermocouples of type K (other types optionally available as well)
  • Fully customizable (electronic board shape and carrier shape)
  • Broken wire detection
  • Cold-junction compensation integrated

Some applicaton examples

  • Coil temperature measurement in electric drives
  • Coil temperature measurement in dynos (test bench machines)
  • Clutch or gear temperature measurement in gearboxes
  • Bearing temperature measurement
  • Temperature measurement at any rotating part

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