Measuring torque at rotating shafts (RFTS-1)

Measure torque (or temperature) along with RPM on your vehicle shafts


  • Available as a user-friendly kit
  • Offered also with application and calibration service
  • Allows for large lateral movement

Regardless of whether it is on a side shaft, a propeller shaft or any other shaft located either inside the vehicle or on a test bench, our RFTS-1 system helps you measure both torque and RPM accurately. This robust system consists of rotational and stationary components, which are capable of achieving the contact-less power supply and data transmission at relatively larger distances, making it ideally suited for measurement on shafts that undergo much lateral movement. Besides offering the system as a kit for easy application by you, we also offer the service of applying and calibrating your shaft with the RFTS-1 system, along with the optional application of a speed encoder for RPM measurement.

Our evaluation unit VETAS IV provides the data in the form of analogue, CAN or frequency outputs and this combined with our software VECTO (both of which are included in the system) allows for seamless system configuration and data visualization

Time-tested and robust way to measure torque, temperature and RPM easily and accurately

Our RFTS-1 telemetry system


  • -20 … 85°C temperature range for electronics
  • High permissible lateral movement
  • Frequency output 10kHz +/- 5kHz
  • CAN output with 1000 samples per second
  • Analog voltage output +/- 10V
  • VETAS IV supply voltage 9 – 36V DC

Some application examples

  • Powertrain efficiency measurement
  • Vehicle benchmarking
  • Torque measurement on any rotating shaft

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