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Fast rotating torque transducers

ATESTEO offers numerous fast rotating torque flanges from different series. The torque measuring flanges are speed-resistant up to 45,000 rpm and therefore first choice for new tasks in e-mobility testing. They usually have a titanium rotor. Due to their low weight of sometimes 400 grams, they are ideal for electrical machines where the mass that can be coupled at high speeds is important. The HSTT measuring flanges have a very small group delay of the torque signal of 10µs. This makes these measuring shafts ideally suited for highly dynamic measurements and controls.

Our torque transducers of the fast rotating HSTT series


  • High Speed Torque Transducer
  • Nominal torque range from 50 to 200 Nm
  • Extensive interfaces on external evaluation unit eS
  • IR signal transmission for maximum immunity to interference
  • DIN hole circle Ø=66 mm
  • Accuracy class 0,05
  • Up to 40.000 rpm
  • Outputs F, U, I, CAN, Alarm


Our torque transducers of the fast rotating RT1 series


  • High speed torque transducer with optional 2nd measuring range
  • Nominal torque range: 5 Nm, freely selectable
  • IR signal transmission for maximum immunity to interference
  • with clamping sleeve
  • Accuracy class 0,05
  • High speed stability
  • Bolt circle-Ø = 63mm
  • Outputs F, U, I, CAN, Alarm

Our torque transducers of the fast rotating F series

F0-SV (eS)

  • Highly accurate, highly dynamic measuring system with freely selectable measuring range and many standard interfaces
  • Nominal torque range: 200 – 1,000 Nm, freely selectable
  • Robust torque transducer with optional 2nd measuring range
  • IR signal transmission for maximum immunity to interference
  • Extensive interfaces
  • Accuracy class 0.05 (optional 0.03)
  • Up to 30,000 revolutions/minute
  • Pitch circle Ø = 75 mm
  • Outputs F, U, I, CAN, Alarm


Learn more about our products and services in the field of measuring systems in our current performance brochure.

Brochure Testing Equipment

Torque measuring flange F, model iS

The model iS is a good choice for smaller and mid-range torque values and at operating temperatures of up to 85°C. The stator can be fastened to the electric machine (electric motor) directly to the performance plate or through a foot adapter and a console. You can obtain all F Series rotors of 1,000 Nm or greater with a central hole of up to 15 mm. At ATESTEO, you can have it all from one source — from the torque measuring flange and adapter to installation at your premises.

Torque measuring flange F, model eS

The external TCU of the model eS allows an operating temperature of the rotor and stator beyond 85°C. Through integration into the electric machine, this model can also be used in very constricted circumstances. This allows the stator to be positioned very precisely against the rotor even during high vibrations.

Interfaces for the fast rotating torque measuring shafts

Because state-of-the-art electronic components are used systematically throughout, ATESTEO is able to make available all prevalent output signals without any additional electronics. The frequency outputs offer dynamics of up to 7 KHz. This makes ATESTEO measurement technology excellently suited for use on highly dynamic engine and motor test benches and test rigs. Where high current values are generated by rapid inverters, the IR data transmission offers maximum interference resistance. All this makes the technology from ATESTEO as effective as it is future-proof.

  • Frequency (RS422): 60±20 kHz
  • analogue output: 0-5 V, 0-10 V, ±5 V, ±10 V
  • analogue output: 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
  • CAN (2B, 1kHz)
  • RS232
  • Alarm

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