Torque sensor to measure steering moment

To measure steering moment (steering torque) directly at the steering wheel, ATESTEO offers a measurement steering wheel for measuring steering moment on vehicle steering wheels. The torque sensor is mounted to the original steering wheel, where it directly and highly accurately measures steering moment, angle of rotation (steering angle), and angular speed (steering speed). If the measuring body is optionally clamped onto the vehicle steering wheel by adapter spokes, the measuring steering wheel can also be operated via a screwed-on sports steering wheel.

Our measurement steering wheel

  • Measurement steering wheel for installation in the vehicle
  • Rated torque values of 50 … 400 Nm
  • Rotation angle detection with 7,680 pulses/revolution
  • Accuracy class 0.1%
  • Extensive interfaces at external evaluation unit VETAS3 (F, U, I, CAN-Bus)
  • Optionally combinable with adapter spokes and measurement steering wheel

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