35 years of ATESTEO – and further along the way to the future of mobility.


  • ATESTEO is celebrating its 35th company anniversary

  • From a development service provider to the market leader in drivetrain testing

  • Partner to the international mobility industry in developing drive systems fit for the future

ATESTEO is on the way: Thirty-five years ago, ATESTEO started in Aachen, Germany with 35 employees as a development service provider for the automotive industry. Today, ATESTEO is the leading specialist for drivetrain testing, supporting the international automotive industry to develop new drivetrains and drive systems fit for the future. The experience and expertise of 35 years of drivetrain testing and 800 employees – some of whom have been with the company since the beginning – are evidenced in innovative technologies at more than 150 test benches around the world.

Everywhere in the world where drivetrain development takes place, ATESTEO brings its extensive know-how to bear in supporting automobile manufacturers and transmission developers to develop and optimise new combustion engines and hybrid and electric drive systems. ATESTEO is well prepared as it moves into the future with the technologies, experiences, and developments of 35 years of testing and the power of its staff at test benches and on the test track and road. At the side of manufacturers and developers from the automotive and mobility industry of tomorrow, ATESTEO makes possible drivetrains and drive systems that meet the challenges and needs of the future.