Another DAkkS accreditation for the ATESTEO calibration laboratory


  • ATESTEO obtains DakkS accreditation for measurement procedure VDI/VDE 2646:2019

  • Expanded offering from the DAkkS-accredited ATESTEO calibration laboratory

  • More possibilities of DAkkS calibration for you

Torque sensors must be calibrated recurrently to guarantee the quality of the measurement result. Calibration of torque sensors is also required to obtain ISO 9001 certification. In the DAkkS-accredited ATESTEO calibration laboratory, manufacturers and users can have their torque measuring technology newly calibrated. ATESTEO already offers DAkkS calibrations in accordance with DIN 51309 from 0.2 N·m to 20,000 N·m and factory calibrations from 20 kN·m to 100 kN·m. With an additional DAkkS accreditation, ATESTEO also now offers DAkkS calibrations in accordance with VDI/VDE 2646:2019 from 0.2 N·m to 20,000 N·m.

Every calibration at the ATESTEO calibration laboratory is precise, rapid, and traceable. The many years of experience, modern equipment, and specially developed calibration facilities ensure fast project turnaround and reliable calibration. At the end of October, the ATESTEO calibration laboratory received another DAkkS accreditation for a second measurement procedure. With the new DAkkS measurement procedure VDI/VDE 2646:2019, a second calibration option accepted by ISO 9001 and DAkkS is now also offered for the torque transducers. ATESTEO thus offers extensive and excellent DAkkS calibrations, which is what manufacturers and users need for all their calibration needs.

Would you like to have your torque sensors calibrated or do you have questions about DAkkS calibrations, factory calibrations, or calibrations of special applications?

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