ATESTEO donates for assertiveness training for people with disabilities


  • Promote self-confidence

  • Learning self-assertion and self-defence

Last year ATESTEO supported the Vinzenz-Heim in Aachen with a donation. This time, the entire amount will go to the WenDo self-assertion training for young people who study at the affiliated vocational college and live in the boarding school. With this special WenDo training, the self-confidence of the young women will be promoted in order to make them stronger against insults and assaults from outside. In regular seminars on the prevention of violence, the young men of the boarding school learn how to counter verbal and physical violence with self-assertion and self-defence exercises.

“We are deeply impressed by the entire meaningful work and the great commitment of the Vinzenz-Heim. Above all, the trainings for more self-confidence and for the prevention of violence are very important. For all people, but also especially for people with disabilities, who may be exposed to hostility even more and more vulnerable. The WenDo training especially for women and the violence prevention exercises formen help to make young people stronger and more self-confident. lt is our pleasure and concern to support this important work”, says Wolfgang Schmitz, CEO of ATESTEO, explaining the renewed donation for the Vinzenz-Heim Aachen.

Anyone who would also like to make a donation for the strengthening of people with disabilities can do so here: