ATZ article “Challenges in the acoustic development of electric vehicles”


  • NVH article in ATZ magazine
  • Optimization of the acoustics of electric drives
  • Innovative test bench concepts

Automotive manufacturers and powertrain developers need NVH testing on electric powertrain components and on the overall system in order to optimize acoustics at vehicle level. Because today, the quality of a vehicle is no longer determined only by performance, efficiency and design. Factors such as noise and vibration are becoming increasingly important comfort aspects that influence NVH performance in electromobility. Therefore, ATESTEO uses novel test capacities for the acoustic optimization of electric drives.

Read our article on “Challenges in the acoustic development of electric vehicles” in the latest issue of Springer Fachmedien’s trade journal ATZ extra now! The article describes how NVH testing has a lasting impact on driving comfort, what demands are made on today’s test procedures and what potential the test bench offers in drive development. Click on the link to go directly to the article: “Challenges in the acoustic development of electric vehicles