Great interest at ATESTEO workshop in Japan


  • Presentation of the ATESTEO range of services and know-how for the Japanese market

At the invitation of ATESTEO Japan K.K. in Tokyo, Tim Willers, Alsdorf testing facility manager at ATESTEO, guest speaker from Germany, presented the company ATESTEO and its services to many interested professionals in the Japanese automotive industry. The event took place on 30 June 2017 where many automobile developers are located, in the Japanese automobile city Nagoya. The aim of the two-hour workshop in the centrally-located Kuwayama building was to explain to the attending transmission concept developers the entire ATESTEO range of services and the special know-how of the drivetrain testing specialists in the field of e-mobility and NVH. The topics of powertrain test benches, the ability to test in the EV and HEV market, improving NVH testing, vehicle testing, and efficiency benchmarking were received with great interest by the attending professionals. Presenter Willers needed more than 30 minutes to answer all questions from the audience at the conclusion of his presentation.