ATESTEO and straesser develop mobile charging station for road testing


  • Mobile charging station with HPC for testing battery electric vehicles anywhere

  • Full service for e-mobility road testing and road trialling

  • Charge electric vehicles on the go more simply and cost-efficiently

E-mobility is bringing about a major change in the automotive industry and the progressive development of new drive systems. Electric drives must be tested in road trials at an early stage. Issues often arise owing to the lack of a consistent charging infrastructure on site. Particularly in remote areas, there are usually neither charging stations nor power connections. ATESTEO and straesser have now developed a solution for charging electric vehicles no matter where they are – straesser DriveOn.

straesser DriveOn – Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging is a mobile charging station that makes available the entire charging infrastructure during road testing and can be permanently mobile ready on a trailer. Whether in hot, cold, or wet climates, on high-speed test tracks, or in urban testing environments for ADAS testing – the test vehicle can be charged without issue, rapidly, and flexibly via High Power Charging (HPC). The public power grid, diesel generators, or environmentally-friendly fuel cells serve as the energy sources for the mobile charging station.

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