Technical article in Automotive Testing Technology International magazine


  • Article about future testing developments

  • Sustainability projects for Zero Emission Testing

  • Requirements for climate-neutral life cycle of vehicles

The future in the mobility industry is moving toward CO2-free drive design. This also applies to all phases of the testing process. This is why ATESTEO, as a testing partner to the mobility industry, is also focusing on the environmentally friendly testing of drives. In order to be able to guarantee sustainable testing in the future, a photovoltaic system is being built at the headquarters in Alsdorf, which will cover the power requirements of the test benches to a large extent. With the power of the sun, we can realize “Green Testing” for OEMs and drive developers.

In the latest release of the Automotive Testing Technology magazine, an article deals with future developments in the automotive industry. In “Are you ready for the future?” ATESTEO’s innovative approach through our modular environmental test benches, own power production for sustainable testing and the future requirements of customers for green power in drivetrain testing are mentioned. Read the article on futureproofing now! We are ready and always focused on the future of mobility to continue to be the number 1 testing partner at the side of the mobility industry.