DAkkS calibration of torque sensors

Our calibration laboratory for your torque sensors:

  • Professional calibration of torque sensors for reliable measurement values
  • Measurement results traceable at all times
  • Own calibration equipment for different torque values
  • DAkkS calibration in accordance with DIN 51309 from 0.2 N·m to 20,000 N·m
  • Factory calibration to 100 kN·m
  • Calibration of special applications
  • Short turnaround times

As a manufacturer and user of torque measurement technology, we offer you the service of DAkkS calibration and factory calibration of torque sensors. In our own in-house DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory, we calibrate your sensors to the best possible accuracy of the torque while accounting for the effects of hysteresis.

With our calibration equipment, we cover the range of 0.2 N·m to 100 kN·m. DAkkS calibrations according to DIN 51309 are possible from 0.2 N·m to 20,000 N·m. We offer factory calibrations from 20 kN·m to 100 kN·m. Likewise, we are in a position to calibrate many special applications. We produce calibration adapters in-house, so that you can count on short turnaround times of your calibration order.

Fast, precise, traceable: calibration at ATESTEO

High precision

  • DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025:2018
  • Excellent calibration to the best possible accuracy
  • High precision and valid measurement results

Traceable at all times

  • Direct connection to the German Metrology Institute of the Federal Republic of Germany (PTB, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)
  • Regular professional and system inspections by independent DAkkS inspectors
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Rapid and custom service

  • DAkkS calibrations in accordance with DIN 51309 from 0.2 N·m to 20,000 N·m
  • Factory calibrations of torque sensors up to 100 kN·m
  • Short turnaround time for your calibration order

Inquire now about calibration in our DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory

Find out now from our expert Yavuz Durdagi about your possibilities of DAkkS calibration, factory calibration, or calibration of special applications at the ATESTEO calibration laboratory!

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Your torque sensors at our calibration facilities

ATESTEO has applied many years of experience and all its in-house resources to the development and implementation of unique calibration facilities with associated software. This allows all types of torque sensors to be calibrated, independently of manufacturer. The ATESTEO calibration laboratory is accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, fulfilling all its requirements. The DAkkS calibration laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and its staff are experienced and competent, allowing a short turnaround time for each and every calibration.

Advantages of torque sensor calibration at ATESTEO:

  • DAkkS-accredited and certified calibration laboratory
  • Traceability of the results
  • Great flexibility and high precision
  • Rapid execution of your calibration order
  • Secure outward and return transport of your torque sensor in a custom transport case
  • Lasting and valid measurement results
  • Custom service
  • High efficiency and reliability of the calibration through process optimisation
  • ATESTEO database for measurement equipment

Download our brochure

You can find all further information on our accredited and certified calibration laboratory at ATESTEO in our current brochure.

Download our calibration laboratory brochure

Your torque sensor in our calibration laboratory

At ATESTEO, we have manufactured torque measuring technology for the automotive industry for over thirty years. In the field of drivetrain testing, we apply these measurement technology instruments ourselves. So that our demanding automotive customers, just like ourselves, can rely on the extremely precise calibration during tests and measurements, there is the ATESTEO calibration laboratory.

Professional calibration of a torque sensor is decisive for the quality of its measurement result, especially for repetitive measuring routines. You will also need the calibrations of your torque sensors for ISO 9001 certification. In the ATESTEO calibration laboratory, both simple factory calibrations and higher-level DAkkS calibrations in accordance with DIN 51309 are possible. Although DAkkS calibrations are more complex than factory calibrations, our many years of experience, our modern equipment, and our specially developed calibration facilities guarantee you fast project turnaround times.

The ATESTEO calibration laboratory is accredited by DAkkS and certified in accordance with

  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
All accreditations and certifications of ATESTEO

DAkkS calibrations of your torque sensors in accordance with DIN 51309

If you wish to know everything about your torque sensor and have high demands on as well as high requirements for the sensor and measurement result, ATESTEO offers you DAkkS calibration of your torque sensor in accordance with DIN 51309. Every calibration in the ATESTEO calibration laboratory is precise, fast, and traceable. During DAkkS calibration, your torque sensor is calibrated according to DIN 51309 from 0.2 N·m to 20,000 N·m. For this purpose, it is rotated in three mounting positions, each by 120°. This gives you all the values you need for the functioning and certification of your torque sensor.

Scope of services of DAkkS calibration:

Measurand/Calibration object Measuring range/Measurement span Measurement conditions/Procedure Expanded measurement uncertainty Remarks
Torque/Torque transducer 0.2 N·m to 20,000 N·m DIN 51309:2005 0.02% According to the reference principle

On a DAkkS calibration certificate, ATESTEO documents the traceability to national standards for the representation of units in accordance with the International System of Units. This makes your calibration internationally recognised as well.

Traceable results of DAkkS calibration on the calibration certificate – the measurement values on the calibration certificate:

  • Exact measurement values for each step of calibration
  • Reversal error (hysteresis)
  • Repeatability and reproducibility
  • Creep behaviour
  • Return to zero point
  • Remanence value
  • Interpolation error (potential deviations of the measured value from the cubic and linear approximations)
  • Values of the measurement uncertainty at every calibration step
  • Classification in accordance with DIN 51309


You can find out about our DAkkS accreditation or download our sample calibration certificate here.

DAkkS certificate
Sample calibration certificate

Your calibration in our calibration laboratory

We start with your requirements and wishes. What does your torque sensor need to do? Which key values do you need? For which requirements and certificates do you wish to have a calibration? In a joint discussion, we clarify the initial situation and objectives. Then, a decision is made for a DAkkS calibration or a factory calibration of your torque sensor. After you have approved the quotation and placed an order, we calibrate your torque measurement equipment according to the specified criteria and return it to you as quickly as possible along with the calibration certificate.

1. Inquiry for calibration

Together with you, we determine the criteria for the DAkkS calibration or factory calibration of your torque sensor:

  • Measurement range
  • Calibration standard
  • Direction of torque (clockwise, counterclockwise/anticlockwise)
  • Manufacturer and/or type

2. Quotation for calibration

You receive a comprehensive quotation taking into account the defined criteria (including price and delivery date).

3. Order

After you have ordered, you receive confirmation of your order from ATESTEO. Then you send your torque sensor to ATESTEO for DAkkS calibration or factory calibration.

4. DAkkS calibration

We perform DAkkS calibration or factory calibration of your torque sensor in our DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory with short turnaround times.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about the calibration of torque sensors

Do you still have questions?

Were the FAQs not able to answer your question? If you have unique needs or would you like to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to do so. We look forward to receiving your message!

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Download overview on the calibration of torque sensors

Make your torque sensors more accurate and reliable and your measurement results more reliable. Take advantage of our DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory to calibrate your torque sensors. Here you will find further information about our services.

Download a sample calibration certificate

Download a copy of our DAkkS certificate

Download our brochure on the ATESTEO calibration laboratory

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