Inspection-, repair service and on-site commissioning at ATESTEO

Your measurement technology needs regular service to work reliably and with high precision. The ATESTEO repair service takes care of your torque sensors, actuators and other measuring instruments for drivetrain testing. We also offer technical advice and repair service in case your measuring instruments do not run and measure properly. And with the commissioning of new devices at your site or possible troubleshooting in the measurement laboratory at ATESTEO, we ensure efficient measurement operation right from the start and beyond.

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Inspection service

Within the ATESTEO inspection service we inspect and check all relevant parameters and devices for you as required or at agreed regular service intervals. We carry out the following inspections for you:

  • climatic test: General check of the functionality of the measurement technology in the temperature working range intended for the measurement technology
  • temperature behaviour: Checking and optimisation of the torque behaviour with temperature change
  • Specification of our climate chamber:
    • Temperature range: -40 °C to 190 °C
    • Humidity in the range from 10 °C to 95 °C: 10 % to 98
  • Speed behaviour: Checking and optimisation of the torque behaviour over speed
  • General inspection of the measuring accuracy and the signal and transmission quality of the individual torque sensors
  • General inspection and function control of the actuators GSE and GSA

Repair service

Even in case of an emergency ATESTEO is there for you quickly, competently and reliably. Our technicians will advise you in advance by telephone about your repair job and rule out that it might be just an operating error or a connection error. If a repair is necessary, our experts will take care of restoring your unit. This even applies to measuring systems more than ten years old. These are also optimally repaired by us. Thanks to ATESTEO’s high level of expertise in the development of innovative measuring technology, we have the necessary experience to solve even complicated cases for you.

On-site commissioning

In consultation with you, we offer both commissioning and on-site service. The commissioning of a new product includes the mechanical and electrical installation, provided that the agreed basic conditions have been created by you in advance. The service on site includes an inspection and troubleshooting. In many cases, however, it is easier and cheaper to dismantle the measuring equipment and send it to ATESTEO. Because not every error can be eliminated on site. That is why our service is always preceded by a detailed discussion with you to determine the best and most effective way of providing the service.

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