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New IRTS Series system for measuring temperature on rotating components

Torque measuring and telemetry systems from ATESTEO are known to be accurate and reliable
instruments for measuring torque values and other signals on rotating systems. A new system
called IRTS is now available to measure temperature on rotating components.

The system configuration of the IRTS system depends on the use case (application). Currently, IRTS supports three types of systems which can be used in three different types of use cases:

  • Integrate IRTS into an object under test with rotating componenents.
  • Mount IRTS on a rotating shaft.
  • Use IRTS in combination with a torque-sensing flange (torque measuring flange).

The description of the system of the new IRTS technology

The IRTS Series is equipped with the typical telemetry components: rotor, stator, and evaluation unit. The thermocouples measuring the temperatures at the rotating components are connected to the rotor. Up to 16 thermocouples can be connected to the rotor electronics. The power supply and the data exchange between the rotor and stator is contactless and uses proven telemetry technology. The processing of the digital measurement data takes place in the evaluation unit (TCU5-IRTS), which generates CAN bus messages or up to four analog voltage signals. The system may be configured via an Ethernet interface (website). The system contains fault detections such as cable breaker detection. Cold-point compensation is also integrated.

Telemetry systems at ATESTEO

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Integration of the IRTS series in an object under test

Integration in an object under test is the most customized and most complex solution. The rotor and stator design will be created according to the customer’s requirements to fit the object under test. Our experienced designers support our customer in finding the right position for carrier integration. Our electronics team experts design printed circuit boards to match the redesigned rotor/stator combination. Once the custom design is complete, approved, and manufactured, ATESTEO can install it into the body of the object under test. This is instrumentation at its best.

Example of a customized rotor carrier

Example of a customized stator carrier

The half-shell solution for mounting on the test bench

The solution with half-shells can be mounted on shafts of a drivetrain. This solution is best when time is tight and space is at a premium. The rotor can be designed with custom inner bore diameters to fit existing customer shafts. 3D printing of the rotor allows for quick production of the complex rotor design. After the stator has been slightly modified, the stator fits the rotor. The half-shells make mounting on the test bench simple. The rotor is clamped around the shaft and secured with screws. The thermocouples are connected using the supplied connectors. Assembly can therefore be completed completely without soldering.

Drawing of the half-shell solution including the stator (Ø 60mm)

The IRTS series at ATESTEO

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“The temperature behavior of new drive systems such as e-motors can be reliably investigated using the new IRTS Series. The various types of systems enable the use of the measurement technology in many situations.”

Philipp Scherb, Product Manager at ATESTEO

IRTS integrated in a TeS Z50 torque measuring flange

The combination of the IRTS Series with a torque measuring shaft

An additional solution for test benches is the combination of the IRTS temperature telemetry system with an ATESTEO torquemeter. The torquemeters with a central bore in particular enable the integration of the IRTS rotor. This, in turn, makes for short axial lengths and easy installation. ATESTEO has already prepared solutions for this case.

Torquemeters from ATESTEO

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Key facts on our ATESTEO IRTS Series:

  • Contactless rotor/stator design to transmit temperature signals.
  • Up to 16 temperature channels.
  • -20–125°C operating temperature for the rotor/stator.
  • High speeds of up to 30,000 U/min (depending on the type of system)
  • CAN bus or voltage (power) outputs.
  • Customized adaptions possible.

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