ATESTEO Testing Cockpit: All information. Anytime. Anywhere.

Imagine being able to have a look at your drivetrain test information wherever you are. You could clearly follow the progress and most important data of your tests. Imagine that you were only a click away from the future of drivetrain testing. All that is possible with the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit!

The ATESTEO Testing Cockpit gives you insight into your ongoing drivetrain testing projects. All tests can be monitored by you online and modified in cooperation with the project team from ATESTEO. That saves you time and costs, enables exchanging information between all parties faster, and makes managing tests and orders more flexible and faster.

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The ATESTEO Testing Cockpit

The ATESTEO Testing Cockpit makes you a part of your drivetrain testing project at ATESTEO. Whenever you would like to view information on your currently running test bench project, you just access the data securely using your browser – without additional software.

Why the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit?

Environmental simulation, endurance tests, efficiency tests, functional tests, torque tests, or vehicle tests on the test bench – using our Testing Cockpit, you can monitor the drivetrain tests at ATESTEO conveniently from your office, production facilities, or home. Our digital customer solution enables you to view information on your tests quickly. You gain so many advantages:

Lower costs

Error messages from your software or other components used to necessitate your traveling to where the drivetrain tests were taking place. Not anymore! Just optimize everything online conveniently using the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit. That saves you valuable time and travel costs. The more rapid decentralized troubleshooting also helps avoid extending possible downtimes and the associated additional costs.

Major time savings

When you wish to view the status of your testing projects or discuss and add new test parameters with our engineers, you do not have to be on our premises. You can just do it all online in the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit. That saves you a good deal of valuable time.

More flexibility

Our Testing Cockpit provides you with the status of your tests at all times. You have customized online insight into your drivetrain tests at ATESTEO without waiting for your project engineer. Working together with your ATESTEO expert also can be planned faster and more flexibly with your online access.

Timely communication

Communicate and interact online with your test bench engineer using your browser to access the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit – without additional software. Time-consuming telephone calls or onsite meetings are no longer necessary. During your tests, you communicate online in real time with our experts.

Rapid reaction

At ATESTEO, you have a full view of your running drivetrain tests. In the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit, you can see what is happening what is happening, when, and how. So you can react even faster to errors or changes. That also creates more transparent processes.

High level of security

The ATESTEO Testing Cockpit makes you independent of place and time as you monitor or work on your testing projects. At the same time, the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit meets the highest security requirements. Our Testing Cockpit is not a cloud solution, but runs entirely on internal, protected ATESTEO servers.

Choose your access to the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit

The ATESTEO Testing Cockpit provides OEMs, manufacturers, suppliers, and drivetrain developers a look on their drivetrain tests at ATESTEO. Depending on the mode selected, you can view your projects or coordinate directly with the ATESTEO team in real time. We offer you three possibilities to access the ATESTEO Testing Cockpit. The Passenger Mode is the basic service for all test bench projects and automatically available to you in the Economy version free of charge. When you upgrade to the Business class of the Passenger mode, you have access to additional features. And when you would like to actively customize testing specifications and contact your test bench engineer, the Pilot Mode is the right access mode for you.

Economy Mode

The free basic package

  • Status overview of your ongoing test projects

  • Two users per order

Business Mode

The business package for a fee

  • Status overview of your ongoing test projects

  • Detailed view including configurable graphs, live webcam, and data table
  • Bookable per order

Pilot Mode

The professional package for a fee

  • Status overview of your ongoing test projects

  • Detailed view including configurable graphs, live webcam, and data table
  • Online meetings

  • Remote control: coordination and customization with the ATESTEO team

  • Bookable per order

Function extension

As of February 2024, the “Data transfer” function is available in your Testing Cockpit profile – for simple data storage and secure access to your projects’ data. This new plugin allows users to easily store, and exchange files related to your projects with the ATESTEO test bench personnel.


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