Demands on testing equipment

The automotive industry is constantly forced to react to changing requirements in the development of drivetrains. Most notably with combustion engines, demands for reductions in emissions and fuel consumption are constantly growing. To accommodate these demands, the control structures of electronic control devices are becoming more and more complex. To be able to test and validate existing plans and concepts as early as during development, measurements must be conducted on the powertrain and the entire vehicle. Test bench testing and measuring equipment thus is an important field of activity during the development phase.

Test technology for test bench automation and vehicle testing

ATESTEO offers not only drivetrain testing in test benches, but also the required testing, measuring, and sensing technology for measuring, testing, and analysing complete drivetrains and their components. The discipline of test technology for test benches fundamentally concerns the development and production of high-resolution torque and torque measurement systems to capture stationary and highly dynamic processes.

Test technology for custom tasks

By closely working together with test bench engineers, we are able to create measurement systems that meet your needs and test these systems as early as the development phase under test bench conditions. With the achieved product extensions and product improvements, additional aims were able to be met relative to changing environmental and component pressures and which are called for to support reliable handling in operation.

With over 30 years of experience and deep expertise, we develop custom-tailored test and measurement technology for testing your vehicles. That means that with measurement technology from ATESTEO, you receive solutions precisely tailored to your needs and measurement, testing, and analytic challenges.

Testing equipment at the highest technical level

The products, solutions, and services of our testing equipment with torque sensors, vehicle equipment, and actuators support your vehicle testing and transmission development. They were created for engineers by engineers. All testing and measurement systems from ATESTEO are developed at the highest technical level. Our testing equipment works with state-of-the-art automation technology, maximum precision, situational awareness, and open interfaces.

Innovative testing equipment from ATESTEO

For your development and vehicle testing needs, ATESTEO offers you both standard components and tailor-made ones in a wide range of products for testing technology:

  • Torque sensors from 1 Nm to 150 kNm
  • DIN and factory calibration
  • Outfitting transmissions, powertrains, vehicles with measurement technology for torque, rotational speed, acceleration, temperature, pressure, power, etc.
  • Analysis systems for manual transmissions and clutch control
  • Machines for choosing gears, clutch control, and more

Custom measurement technology solutions

Our holistic approach at ATESTEO results in measurement technology solutions that are used both at ATESTEO test benches and directly at OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in the automotive industry. Our complete range of measurement technology solutions, consisting of torque measurement systems, vehicle equipment, and actuators, can be tied to state-of-the-art automation technology.

Whether standardised or tailored to your needs — with a wide range of technical products, our measurement technology solutions offer you optimum torque measurement technology and high-end instruments:

Measurement systems: High-resolution torque and rotation measurement systems with non-contact signal transmission to capture stationary and highly dynamic processes.

Technical measurement vehicle equipment: Components for setting up high-quality telemetry systems, measurement technology for rotating parts in and on the transmission, and complete vehicle equipment along with the transmission and gear shifting analysis application GSA (gear shift analysis).

Actuators: From a clutch pedal actuator and gas pedal actuator to state-of-the-art gear shifting machines to automate test benches.

Torque sensors

atesteo_bild_DSC_0650Through measurements during test applications during the development phase, torque sensors detect valuable data to optimise productivity, efficiency, and durability of the vehicle. Our tailored solutions enable flexible test bench set-ups, conducting testing programs, and detailed investigations for pre-engineering projects. ATESTEO offers you a wide range of torque feedback shafts, torque sensors, torque transducers, and calibration services. Our torque measurement shafts are laid out such that your productivity can be increased through the extremely short or short alteration times of the test benches and layout of the testing equipment.

Torque configurator

atesteo_bild_testing-equipment_konfiguratorWould you like to configure torque sensors individually? We offer you a number of ways to do this. Our product configurator enables you to quickly choose and adapt stationary and rotating measuring flanges to the requirements in your test bench. The configurator supports the assignment of possible measurement ranges of measurement sensors. The components may be individually configured and requested.

Calibration laboratory

As a manufacturer and user of torque measuring technology, we offer you calibration of torque sensors and torque transducers as a service.


DAkkS certificate
Sample certificate of calibration 

Vehicle equipment

atesteo_Bild_64_bearbeitetOur range of services to equip your passenger and commercial vehicles with measurement technology includes vehicle instrumentation for conducting and analysing vehicle tests. With precise measuring equipment, specific data from series or prototype vehicles is collected and made ready for the development of new types of vehicles and vehicle concepts. Depending on the scope of the measurement technology installed in the vehicle, on the basis of the captured data records, simple components can be more closely characterised and complex relationships exhaustively assessed. To determine the mechanical performance on rotating components, additional highly specific telemetry systems that can be adapted optimally in their form and scope of function to the realities of innovative drive technologies are available for you. This allows rotation speed and temperature on the drivetrain to be reliably measured and documented.

Telemetry systems for non-contact energy and data transmission

atesteo_bild_telemetiesystemeThe telemetry technology developed by ATESTEO can be employed in a variety of ways through different designs. We deploy it for vehicle equipment, but also for vehicle instrumentation, in which field we also can offer you very complex solutions.

Transmission, gear, and clutch analysis

ATESTEO offers you a tool to optimise synchronised manual transmissions, the GSA (gear shift analysis) system. From the analysis of the measured data, objective characteristic values for assessing shifting quality are calculated. The GSA system delivers the hardware to capture relevant data in the vehicle or test bench, to process it, and to visualise it. The experience of our specialists and many customers in Germany and abroad has elevated the GSA system to a worldwide recognized tool for improving shifting quality.

The GSA system from ATESTEO …

  • Measures shifting force and shifting distances at the gear stick.
  • Supports the user in conducting her measurements.
  • Analyses and sorts the characteristic values in an easy-to-read form using a variety of filters.
  • Places the analysed values in user-defined tables and typical diagrams.
  • Offers the possibility of comparing the results of various analyses across more than one project.


atesteo_bild_testing-equipment_gse4With powerful measurement technology, ATESTEO also makes possible highly dynamic, realistic tests at the test bench, which reduces your need for drives in prototype and test vehicles. We conduct the tests for you with a large selection of actuators and robots.

Actuators are drive elements that convert electrical signals into movement. They are especially suited for testing transmissions and gears in vehicles. With GSE4 and GSE4HDC, ATESTEO offers you shifting robots as measurement technology for use at drivetrain test benches and gear test benches. By keeping the vehicle-specific gear shifting gate, you can adapt the robots simply and easily to the various types of transmissions and gears. The separate parametrisation of shifting force and shifting speed, along with letting go of the gearshift lever after ending the procedure, enable a realistic reproduction of shifting. With the GSA gear shift analysis, the GSE4 gear shift facility and CA clutch analysis, you can test and analyse the shifting mechanism of your vehicle in the test bench during the development phase and also check the clutch mechanism and clutch hydraulics.

atesteo_bild_kundensp-entwicklungenCustom-tailored developments

In the field of customer-specific measurement technology, ATESTEO develops, among other things, components for vehicle technology, monitoring systems, and signal processing units. The products are manufactured in small to mid-sized series. The measurement technology used is both extremely reliable and highly accurate.


You can find further information on the ATESTEO solutions and services in the field of
measurement technology in the ATESTESO Measurement Technology brochure.

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