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Highly available, flexible torquemeters

Torquemeters from ATESTEO measure the loads and torque arising in the drivetrain and supply measurement data for test bench control and analysis purposes. The high precision of standardised torquemeters and the flexibility in the design of highly specialised multi-channel torquemeters  are an absolutely essential requirement for high test bench capacity utilisation.


Standard torquemeters  or custom solutions

In addition to the standard testing ranges from 1 Nm to 150 kNm, which are available on short notice, customer-specific torquemeters  solutions are also offered worldwide. The design options for torquemeters  include individual specification of the measurement ranges and the complete redesign of the measurement instrument. This ensures 100% “inline” functionality in highly dynamic and high-load drives.

Innovative torquemeters  from engineers for engineers

New technologies in data transmission and further development of the design guarantee that even future requirements are accounted for, above all with regard to ease of handling in combination with providing highly precise measurement data. The product quality of ATESTEO’s own torquemeters  is ensured by certified calibration equipment.

Our DAkkS-certified calibration laboratory also offers this service for third-party products.

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Video Torquemeters

ATESTEO Torquemeters

F-series torque measuring flanges

The torque measuring flanges of the F series are torquemeters that use infrared high-power LEDs to transmit data. They are completely immune to EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) during optical signal transmission and also do not radiate electromagnetic waves. Designed as two-range sensing shafts, these torque measuring flanges greatly shorten your setup times. The various sizes of these torque measuring flanges each cover a very large range of torques.

Performance characteristics:

  • Measurement range from 20 Nm to 150,000 Nm
  • Standard measuring precision 0.05% in the measuring ranges up to 10 kNm
  • Multidimensional temperature detection for optimal compensation
  • Integrated rotational speed measurement as standard
  • High-speed performance up to 25,000 rpm possible
  • Optional two torque ranges
  • Optional high-resolution magnetic rotation measurement system
  • Variation with separate stator electronics is deliverable
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DF-series torque measuring flanges

The DF series torque measuring flanges feature an innovative measuring element in combination with digital multi-channel telemetry. This enables an extremely wide bandwidth of installation and measurement arrangements. The two real DMS amplifiers in the rotor electronics are unique to this torque measuring flange. The additional overflow channel transmits measurement values of up to 300% of the nominal torque. The rotor temperature is also signaled. The flange dimensions of the DF series conform to the DIN norm and are compatible with existing systems.

The currently available series of these torque measuring flanges covers measurement ranges of 50 Nm to 10 kNm. Based on the DIN flange dimensions, the product assortment includes variants with torsionaly rigid couplings, two measuring ranges, the inline measurement principle, and high-resolution rotational speed measurement. A completely new development of measuring and transmission electronics goes together with the new flange design. In addition to the range of use, the installation and ease of operation of the premium torque measuring flanges of the DF series were considerably improved through the expanded multi-channeling capacity, the higher data rate, and the additional interfaces. Future applications can thus be very easily integrated into the existing concept with this torque measuring flange.


Outstanding features:

  • DIN flange dimensions combined with a compact design
  • The one-sided, hollow measuring element can be pushed on to the drive shaft for assembly purposes (inline concept). Critical operating parameters such as “linkable masses” or limited limiting speeds can thus be deactivated.
  • Owing to the elimination of the stator ring and the broad positioning distance between the rotor and the stator head, the overall installation of the measuring system and the replacement of the individual components is very easy. The evaluation unit necessary for the operation of the measuring system makes all interfaces available for easy and timely processing of the measuring data.
  • The mostly free design of the torque measuring element offers an additional expansion as a two-range measuring flange up to a torque ratio of up to 1:5 without expecting appreciable restrictions of the mechanical properties.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic possibilities: Over Ethernet and CAN, the rotor temperature and overload torsional value, for instance, can be output up to 300% over the nominal (rated) value.


  • Ethernet (10/100 Mbit)
  • CAN 2.0 (111 bit, up to 1 kHz)
  • Analog output: 0–5 V, 0–10 V, ±5 V, ±10 V
  • Frequency output: 10±5 kHz, 60±20 kHz, 60±30 kHz, 240±120 kHz
  • Optional power output: 4–20 mA
  • Optional magnetic speed sensor

The DF series torquemeters  by the numbers:

  • Maximum speeds of up to 25,000 rpm
  • Accuracy class: 0.04% F.S. (full scale)
  • A-D converter: 24 bit
  • D-A for analogue output: 16 bit
  • Total sampling rate: 25 kHz
  • Operating temperature range: 0…85°C
  • Rated gap distance: < 4 mm
  • Limit torque: 300%
  • Customer-specific measuring ranges on request


50–500 Nm

PCD 84



200–1 kNm

PCD 101.5



1–3 kNm

PCD 130



4–5 kNm

PCD 155.5



5–10 kNm

PCD 196

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Your advantage: the inline concept


The unique advantage of the DF torquemeters is its innovative measuring element. It is produced as a one-sided, hollow torquemeters . This feature allows the entire torquemeters to be positioned directly on a cylindrical drive shaft. This means that critical operating parameters of the dynamometer, such as radial load and maximum speed, can be significantly improved.

Download Df Broschure

Customised measurement shafts and torque measuring flanges from 1 Nm to 400 kNm

The standardly available measurement shafts for the various measurement ranges are torquemeters that are all similarly built. For easy installation, there are fastening flanges on both ends of the element, which is produced from one piece. The sensor telemetry used is variable and can therefore offer special options in line with the multi-channel ability. In addition, there is a rotational speed sensor with every measuring element.

ATESTEO offers application-specific custom-tailored solutions in addition to standard torque measurement shafts. The sensor telemetry used is variable and can offer special options. Examples of customer solutions may include:

  • Capacity for multiple channels; for example, torque and temperature
  • Stationary shafts — passive and active
  • Sensing shafts made of titanium
  • Various geometric variations for stators and rotors
  • Roters with holes for the shaft
  • Customer-specific measurement ranges

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