The road to sustainability: how ATESTEO aims to become climate-neutral

Low-emission testing and working with photovoltaics, heat pumps and green electricity

With zero-emission electric drives and low-emission fuel options, the transportation revolution in Germany is destined to succeed. However, sustainability is not just about the powertrain itself, but also about its development and production. And that includes drivetrain testing. As the world’s leading specialist in drivetrain testing, ATESTEO accepts its responsibility as a testing partner of the mobility industry by implementing effective measures for consistently and sustainably reducing CO2.

Sustainability in the mobility industry, especially in the automotive industry, relies on considerably reducing CO2 emissions. OEMs are doing everything to meet climate goals. This includes establishing sustainable value chains and supply chains. By testing drivetrains early in the drivetrain development process, ATESTEO, which contributes to sustainable supply chains through its own measures, is a key partner of manufacturers.

CO2 reduction in all areas: ATESTEO establishes sustainable testing

At ATESTEO, sustainable testing means generating climate-neutral energy and using green electricity as much as possible in the company and in testing. In order to become climate-neutral, ATESTEO relies on measures in three areas of the company to reduce CO2: Testing, buildings and mobility

CO2 reduction in drivetrain testing

In testing, the test benches are of course the most energy-intensive and therefore also the most CO2-intensive areas in the company. ATESTEO already covers up to 10% of its own electricity requirements at the Alsdorf site with its own large ground-mounted photovoltaic system. The system at the Alsdorf site is constantly being expanded and the other testing sites in Germany are also being successively equipped with photovoltaic systems, so that more and more green electricity flows through the company. More than half of the remaining electricity currently comes from renewable energy sources with an eco-tariff. This is to be increased to 56% from 2024. From 2025, ATESTEO’s entire power supply will then be supplied by 100% renewable energy as planned.

The test bench building with high-speed machines for high-performance testing of electric drive, battery and electric motor in just one test bay for e-mobility testing with 200 Nm at 25,000 rpm has also been modernized in an energy-efficient manner with a new transformer. ATESTEO also makes direct use of potential savings on the drivetrain testing test bench. The test benches are equipped with a measurement concept to find out how much power is required at which test bench. A comparison with other test benches makes it possible to identify potential energy savings. The modernization of the compressed air and air conditioning technology in the testing area also contributes to CO2 reduction. ATESTEO aims to reduce CO2 emissions by around 83% over the next few years through the sum of all current and planned measures. In final figures, that is almost 5,000 tons of CO2 per year!

CO2 reduction in buildings

ATESTEO is minimizing its CO2 footprint in the company itself as well. Exchanging all lamps for modern LEDs saves electricity. Everyone is encouraged to change their behavior through themed weeks in the cafeterias about sustainable nutrition. And when the complete replacement of the heating system from gas burners to heat pumps begins in 2024, the company’s heat supply will be emissions-free in the long term.

CO2 reduction in mobility

ATESTEO is not only increasingly testing e-drives in development. The company’s own vehicle fleet is also gradually being converted to electric cars. ATESTEO’s own charging stations can be used to charge company cars as well as employees’ private vehicles. And for all employees who want to, ATESTEO subsidizes what is currently probably the most sustainable means of transport: a bicycle through bicycle leasing.

Ready for the future: ATESTEO’s holistic approach to sustainability

By switching to 100% electricity from renewable energy sources from 2025 alone, ATESTEO will save 4,000 tons of CO2 per year, making its testing almost climate-neutral. Fuels are only used to test combustion engines when customers order them. ATESTEO is already so far along the road to sustainability that the drivetrain testing specialist participates in CDP and SAQ ratings to give customers the necessary security for their supply chains. ATESTEO works every day to make the drivetrains of tomorrow better, more efficient and more sustainable. And to expand the company’s sustainability in terms of the mobility of the future.

About the Author: ATESTEO

With over 200 test benches in Germany and China, along with representations in Japan, ATESTEO is the leading specialist for drivetrain testing combined with component validation, vehicle measurement technology, and engineering services. The company is among the top partners of the automotive and automotive supply industries around the globe—also in e-mobility testing.