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ATESTEO is the number one employer for technology enthusiasts, automobile enthusiasts, and everyone who wants to help shape our traffic and transport concepts of the future. You can fully live out your passion for automobiles, engineering, and technology while making a meaningful contribution to the sustainable mobility of the future at the worldwide market leader for drivetrain testing. On our test benches, we test automobile components for functionality and endurance. Our test results then allow manufacturers to improve or further develop their components for the production of automobiles in series.

Be a part of it! With an apprenticeship at ATESTEO or while you are a student at a university or college, you will be right in the middle of the automotive industry and make an important contribution to the development of new, more efficient, and more environmentally-friendly drive systems.

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Discover the world of drivetrain testing – apprenticeships at ATESTEO

Do you want excitement, variety, and responsibility on the job? Do you wish to incorporate your enthusiasm for technology and cars into your job? Do you wish to learn an occupation that moves a lot and makes a useful contribution to the sustainable mobility of the future? Then you have come to the right place!

Start your apprenticeship at ATESTEO and dive into the fascination of the drivetrain early on. Or get to know us through an internship and discover the variety in drivetrain testing up close.

ATESTEO | Bereich Ausbildung in der Automobilbranche bei ATESTEO: Schülerpraktikum.

Internships for students/pupils at secondary level

Do you already know what you want to become in the future? Do you already have an idea of the industry and occupational field in which you would like to work? We’ll show it to you in an internship in electronics or mechanics at ATESTEO in Alsdorf, Germany. You can complete your internship with us as a school event during school time or on your own initiative during the school holidays (school breaks). You will get to know the professional field, processes, and contents. You will work with us and also get valuable tips for your choice of careers.

ATESTEO | Bereich Ausbildung in der Automobilbranche bei ATESTEO: Girls´ & Boys´ Day.

Girls’ & Boys’ Day

If you would like to get an early look at the world of work and you are open to getting a taste of professions you haven’t even thought of yet, then come to ATESTEO at the next Girls’ & Boys’ Day. We invite schoolchildren starting in the fifth grade to our Alsdorf location so that they are able to experience drivetrain testing close up. On this day, we want to show you how much fun it is to work in the automotive industry.

ATESTEO | Bereich Ausbildung in der Automobilbranche bei ATESTEO: Ausbildungsverantwortung in der Automobilbranche.

Our responsibility for training young people

We want that at ATESTEO, you learn a lot, further develop yourself, enjoy your job, and are prepared as well as possible for your future career path. Therefore, we take our responsibility for your apprenticeship very seriously. The trainers in the various departments of our company are officially qualified and named as training supervisors by the Aachen Chamber of Commerce (IHK Aachen). As part of your training plan, we impart all the skills and knowledge specified there in a practical and sound manner. We carry out your training according to the company training and transfer plan, also pay attention to your personal development, and ensure safety at your workplace. Your performance evaluation and assessment is done objectively, understandably, and fairly, because your trainer intensively takes care of you and your learning.

Our skilled occupations (apprenticeships)

You can do an apprenticeship in the following occupations at ATESTEO:

Electronics Technician for Industrial Systems (m/w/d)

As an electronics technician for industrial systems, you maintain, repair, and program the electrical systems in the company and instruct users on how to operate them. During your apprenticeship at ATESTEO in Alsdorf, which lasts three-and-a-half years, you will learn how to install and maintain electric components and systems. You will set up circuits and test them. You will learn how to use automation systems and how to program control units.

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Electronics Technician for Devices and Systems (m/w/d)

As an electronics technician for devices and systems, you control and monitor the production and operation of information technology devices. You are responsible for the installation and configuration of operating systems, the testing of components, the elimination of sources of error, and the replacement of defective parts of production and testing machines. During your apprenticeship at ATESTEO in Alsdorf, which is three-and-a-half years long, you will learn to install and configure programs and operating systems, to narrow down sources of error, to remedy defects, and to replace parts. You plan production and maintenance, learn how to set up testing machines, create layouts of systems, and develop documentation for devices.

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Automotive Mechatronics Technician (m/w/d)

As an automotive mechatronics technician, you carry out repair, maintenance, and repair work. You search for errors and make appropriate diagnoses, document inspection tasks, and carry out conversion work and quality assurance. During your apprenticeship at ATESTEO in Alsdorf, which is three-and-a-half years long, you will learn how to assemble, disassemble, and repair various assemblies. And we will show you how to use computer-aided techniques for fault diagnosis and maintenance.

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First-hand practical knowledge – university/college students at ATESTEO

At ATESTEO, you can study and at the same time gain practical experience. You can work with us as a working student. Or you can write your thesis in the exciting work environment of ATESTEO and will be actively supported by our experienced professionals.

ATESTEO | Bereich Studium in der Automobilbranche bei ATESTEO: Duales Studium.

Dual course of study and co-op programme at ATESTEO (cooperative degree programme)

Earn money, get practical experience and study at university level – you can do it all within a cooperative degree programme (“dual programme”) to become a mathematical-technical software developer at our ATESTEO location in Alsdorf. By combining it with the B.Sc. degree program “Scientific Programming” at the FH Aachen (Jülich Campus), you will receive both an IHK qualification (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and a Bachelor’s degree. The mostly theoretical training at the IT Center at RWTH Aachen and the strong practical relevance at ATESTEO form an ideal start for your professional career.

The dual course of study takes three years to complete. Its contents are designed in accordance with the framework curriculum for the apprenticeship profession as a mathematical-technical software developer. The focus of the practical training is at ATESTEO in the areas of software development, system integration, software maintenance, and user and application support.

ATESTEO | Bereich Studium in der Automobilbranche bei ATESTEO: Studienbegleitendes Praktikum.

Study-related internships at ATESTEO

An internship at ATESTEO allows you to gain your first insight into daily work in drivetrain testing. You will have the chance to take a look at interesting projects in the automotive industry and learn about work procedures and coordination processes. We will familiarize you with all the important content of your dream job during your internship. At ATESTEO, you have the opportunity to complete your compulsory internship or to voluntarily take a look at us. You will supplement your theoretical knowledge from your studies with interesting knowledge from practical work. So you can learn a lot from us in a short time.

ATESTEO | Bereich Studium in der Automobilbranche bei ATESTEO: Studentische Hilfskraft.

Student assistants

For university students from the second semester onwards, ATESTEO also offers the opportunity to work as a student assistant on the test benches, but also in projects. This allows you to gain more and more extensive experience in the automotive industry and earn some money. If you have already completed your basic studies, you can join ATESTEO as a part-time working student. In this case, you will deepen your professional competence, work responsibly on projects, and collect valuable knowledge and many contacts. You also have the chance to be taken on in your chosen profession at ATESTEO after completing your studies.

ATESTEO | Bereich Studium in der Automobilbranche bei ATESTEO: Abschlussarbeit.

Bachelor’s or master’s thesis

Benefit from our knowledge and experience in your field and write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis at ATESTEO. We give you a lot of freedom in finding a topic and support you intensively from the start so that together, we lead your thesis to success. Your personal mentor will support you personally and professionally at all times. You do practical work in your subject area and can incorporate the documentation of the results from it into your bachelor’s or master’s thesis. Conversely, your findings become part of our practical work. You will be an important part of our team right from the start and have a good chance of being taken on after you are graduated.

Professional fields at ATESTEO

At ATESTEO, as a student you can complete internships, work, and gain a foothold for your future career path in the following professional fields:


  • Electronics technican
  • Engineer
  • Technican

Information Technology

  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Systems Administrator


  • Management Accountant
  • Controller
  • Purchasing/Procurement
  • Human Ressources

Work at ATESTEO during your studies!

Combine your theoretical knowledge with many exciting practical projects at ATESTEO and start your career with us!

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