E-mobility testing – drives on the test bench

E-mobility testing at ATESTEO

  • Testing of electric motors, inverters, and auxiliary electrical components
  • Hybrid drive testing
  • Simulation of battery systems

E-mobility is the future. The automotive industry is investing much in the development of alternative drivetrains. We support them in this endeavour. As an established partner in the testing of drivetrains of electric or hybrid vehicles, ATESTEO offers all relevant test benches and services in the field of e-mobility testing from one source.

For years, we have conducted tests of electric motors, inverters, additional electric components, and hybrid engines. Our test benches are so multifunctional that we are able to adapt the services of our range of tests to the parameters of electric and hybrid drivetrains at any time. Additionally, with virtual test benches, we create the possibility of testing complex hybrid engines during the early phases of production. Special test benches with battery simulators, e-motor test benches, hybrid powertrain test benches, and NVH test benches for hybrid drive systems and electric motors complement our drivetrain testing offering in the field of e-mobility testing.

Our competence for your e-mobility testing projects

Service life of the vehicle

Determine the service life of individual components of your transmission at the ATESTEO test bench!

In a short time, through purposely overstraining the components, we generate a picture of the damage that represents the service life of your vehicle in line with real driving conditions. We can conduct corresponding tests for hybrid applications on our test benches with just electric components or combustion engines.

Efficiency of the transmission

Check the optimisation of the degree of efficiency of your transmission at the ATESTEO test bench!

With torque sensors and torque flanges, ATESTEO offers reliable double telemetry systems in combination with electric power analysers to measure the degree of efficiency of transmissions for electric or hybrid vehicles. Even efficiency levels of more than 98% can be measured extremely precisely using this method.

Environmental simulation of the drivetrain

Identify interactions between your drivetrain and its environment at the ATESTEO test bench!

The performance and service life of your drivetrain is substantively influenced by its environment. Recognising environmental factors early and allowing insights to be incorporated into the optimisation of your components is the aim of environmental simulation at the ATESTEO test bench.


All further information on e-mobility testing at ATESTEO can also be found in our current performance brochure.

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Everything for your e-mobility testing

Electric and hybrid vehicles make high demands on the transmission. Besides energy and environmental efficiency, driving pleasure is a key focus for consumers. To accomplish all these things, the drivetrain requires a maximum degree of efficiency. Using precise measurements, we assist you to identify and increase the degree of efficiency.

So that all drivetrain components of an electric or hybrid vehicle may be developed in parallel, ATESTEO provides you prompt selective and realistic testing of your electric and mechanical drivetrain components. By doing so, we ensure that components work flawlessly before being assembled, and also provide you with the opportunity to optimise components during the development stage.

Current e-mobility testing test bench portfolio

To be able to support you effectively in the development of your drivetrains and prototypes, we permanently adapt our range of our e-mobility services at the test bench to the changing demands caused by rapid technical developments. Many well-known developers trust our competence in testing in the field of e-mobility. For many years, we have conducted tests related to the durability and efficiency of the drivetrain and its components on electric and hybrid vehicles at test benches.

High competence in e-mobility testing

Our electric motor test benches may be employed flexibly at installed engine power values between 320 kW and 2,700 kW for testing vehicle drive systems. For testing hybrid drives as well, ATESTEO offers state-of-the-art test benches that realistically simulate the operation of the powertrain. Following the same principle as the test benches for drivetrain models with electric and combustion engines, complex tests to analyse the properties of transmissions and hybrid systems are conducted.

Our range of services in e-mobility testing

To test electric motors and inverters, ATESTEO undertakes at the test bench all testing services with respect to mechanical, electric, and thermal properties of the drivetrain components. In addition, we provide services to collect technical data on component cooling and overload capability of the torque characteristic, as well as on sound emissions and axial-radial vibrations. To analyse the characteristics of the transmission and hybrid system, complex tests are carried out at the test benches.

E-mobility testing: endurance tests

  • Endurance testing of gears and bearings
  • Endurance testing
  • High speed testing
  • Durability testing
  • Tests under torque
  • Tests under rotational speed
  • Pitting tests
  • Wöhler curve

E-mobility testing: functional testing

  • Performance test ECE-R 85
  • Open-circuit voltage testing
  • Oiling testing
  • Deflection testing

E-mobility testing: efficiency testing

  • Drag torque testing
  • Efficiency measurements
  • Oil level examinations
  • System efficiency

E-mobility testing: environmental simulation

  • High temperature testing
  • Thermal shock testing
  • Low temperature testing
  • Environmental testing

Test equipment in e-mobility testing

ATESTEO offers you the full spectrum of services for your testing needs:


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E-mobility testing on the powertrain test bench

As a leading specialist in drivetrain testing, it is our goal to implement the testing of all types of transmissions. That is why our test stands are designed so flexibly that any test task can be carried out. Test single elements or your complete drive train without combustion engine on our electric motor test benches. ATESTEO also offers ultra-modern test benches for testing hybrid drives that show the application of the powertrain in real life.

Learn more about our e-mobility powertrain test benches for electric and hybrid drives.

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