Vehicle testing and road tests for comprehensive testing concepts

Vehicle testing and road tests are indispensable parts of the entire product development process of manufacturing an automobile. Testing functions with test vehicles or an intensive prototype testing are essential to bring a vehicle to production maturity. After the start of production (SOP), vehicle testing and road tests contribute in large measure to guaranteeing the quality of the entire vehicle, vehicle systems, or components.

Vehicle testing and road tests from a single source

In order to provide maximum performance to automotive manufacturers and suppliers in the field of vehicle testing and road testing, the No. 1 in powertrain testing and the leading service provider for vehicle testing have merged. In the ATESTEO group network, ATESTEO and straesser are now offering all the services in the field of vehicle testing and road testing from one source.

Tim Willers (CEO/COO) at ATESTEO

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Tim Willers (CEO/COO/Chairman of the Management Board)

“With ATESTEO and straesser, two companies that are leaders on their own are now on the market with high growth rates. Together, we want to use our skills, experiences and achievements and significantly increase our performance in the field of road testing. From now on, our customers will receive all the services, from automotive testing and road testing to workshop services for test vehicles, from a single source.”

Dominik Eiberger (Managing Director of straesser automotive testing)

“ATESTEO is the strong partner with whom we are developing from a driving service provider to the full-service provider in vehicle testing and road testing, and we are expanding further. The ATESTEO portfolio fits seamlessly with the services offered by straesser. For our customers, this means that they now have access to the complete drivetrain test offering of ATESTEO in addition to our services.“

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Vehicle testing at ATESTEO

Vehicle testing by ATESTEO

  • Tests for complete vehicles
  • Noise measurements, vibration measurements, determination of fuel consumption, endurance tests to determine durability and vehicle dynamics tests
  • Testing of the complete vehicle on the roller test bench and measuring track
  • Equipping of the vehicle with measurement technology – data collection and evaluation


In the field of vehicle testing ATESTEO develops tests and trials for your complete vehicles. On our test benches and our test track we carry out these tests for you reliably. Our range of services for vehicle testing includes noise measurements, vibration measurements, the determination of fuel consumption, endurance tests to determine durability and driving dynamics investigations. ATESTEO has a roller test bench and an in-house, visually protected test track for testing the entire vehicle. This also allows tests of individual units such as transmission or axle drive without disconnecting them from the vehicle.

Vehicle testing: tests on the dynamometer

In addition to a large number of drivetrain testing test benches, ATESTEO also operates dynamometers (roller test benches) for testing entire vehicles. Through dynamic mass simulation, we are able to create real driving conditions rapidly and precisely during vehicle testing at a test bench. The installed one-axle single-roller test benches are suitable for measuring fuel consumption and exhaust gases and for conducting functional and durability tests. Through the installed power of 300 kW, both passenger cars and light utility vehicles can be operated with a continuous tractive force of 8,000 N and, for short periods, up to 12,000 N. Vehicle weights may be simulated in the range of 500 to 3,500 kg. The maximum vehicle speed during vehicle testing is 250 km/h. The net dimensions of the testing space are 24 m x 14 m x 6.5 m

Vehicle testing: tests at the test track

Complementary to its test benches, ATESTEO operates a test track for passenger and commercial vehicle testing. The track is protected from view and certified for PBN (pass-by noise) measurements during vehicle testing of passenger automobiles and commercial vehicles. The test track offers you possibilities for conducting vehicle longitudinal dynamics testing, uphill driving tests, and creep tests. As a circuit with a length of approximately 825 m and a width of 3.6 m, the test track can be driven in a continuous loop. The straight middle stretch leads to curves with a curve banking of 30 degrees, which can be driven through at a speed of up to approximately 70 km/h.

The ATESTEO test track for vehicle testing:

  • PBN (pass-by noise) measurements in accordance with DIN ISO 362 and ECE-R 51
  • Vehicle interior noise tests and sound engineering
  • Vibration and oscillation behaviour of assemblies and subassemblies
  • Vehicle longitudinal dynamics testing
  • Protection of the test track by a 5.5 metre high overgrown privacy wall
  • 24-hour video surveillance of the entire ATESTEO facility. This makes testing of prototypes possible!
  • Test track length (continuous loop): 825 m
  • Track width: 3.6 m
  • Radius of the noise measurement zone: 50 m
  • Surface of the track: in accordance with DIN 10844
  • Gradients of 2%, 4%, 8%, 12%, 20%

Vehicle testing: acoustics measurements of the vehicle

An essential criterion during vehicle testing is vibration and noise behaviour. The effects of vibrational behaviour of individual drivetrain components on interior noise can only be assessed in the complete vehicle. ATESTEO can conduct various airborne sound tests inside the passenger compartment on your behalf. In addition, during vehicle testing, using comparative airborne and structure-borne sound measurements between the passenger and engine compartments, we determine how sound is transferred so as to investigate the torsional behaviour of your drivetrain. ATESTEO has a test track and an acoustic dynamometer (roller test bench) certified in accordance with DIN 45635 class 1 for this longitudinal dynamics investigation.

Vehicle testing in the acoustics roller test bench

To determine significant values concerning the drivetrain, brakes, driving resistance, and fuel consumption, we test the longitudinal dynamics of your vehicle on a dynamometer (roller test bench). Your testing programmes are exactly simulated during these tests. The vehicle can be operated using an actuator (a gear switching unit developed by ATESTEO (GSE)).

For vehicle testing, ATESTEO has dynamometer test rooms allowing you to test vehicle sound during the development stage. At the test benches, you can test every specific application for motorcycles, passenger cars, and light-duty trucks. The sound measuring chamber with integrated dynamometer is designed as a semi-anechoic room reflecting field conditions. The low cut-off frequency for the acoustics cladding is 100 Hz. The semi-anechoic chamber is therefore suitable for acoustics measurements with accuracy class 1 in accordance with DIN 45635.

The ATESTEO acoustics dynamometer for vehicle testing

Acoustics test bench

One-axle single roller Ø: 1,909 m
Direct current engine: 300 KW
Traction/overload: 8 kN / 12 kN
Simulated vehicle mass: 500 – 3.500 kg
Vmax: 250 km/h

Multipurpose test bench

One-axle single roller Ø: 1,219 m
Direct current engine: 150 KW
Traction/overload: 5.4 kN / 6.12 kN
Traction/overload: 450 – 3.000 kg
Vmax: 200 km/h

Road tests at ATESTEO

Fahrversuch: Road-Load-Data (RLD) Acquisition

Load profiles of vehicle components that are determined and analysed on the basis of actual street load data for the service life of the vehicle improve an understanding of the effect of driving behaviour and road conditions on the stress on components or on the entire vehicle. Data is collected on defined test routes or at the test track and flows into the validation and development of load spectra and testing cycles during the construction and development phases.

Our services for you:

  • Detailed planning and carrying out of tests
  • Consulting advice regarding the load cycles on the basis of our many years of experience
  • Equipping the vehicles with measurement technology
  • Evaluating and analysing the data and creating the corresponding report

Road tests: GSA measurements

The shifting behaviour of passenger and commercial vehicles is becoming more and more important. ATESTEO uses its own tool, Gear Shift Analysis (GSA), developed in house, to capture and make objective all important shifting parameters. GSA allows anomalies during shifting to be identified and to be rectified directly during the development process.

ATESTEO vehicle testing and road tests: performance and driveability benchmarking for AT, DCT, and CVT transmissions

The transmission and entire vehicle are equipped with high-quality measurement technology in the vehicle and even in the transmission itself to collect relevant operating parameters and to analyse them. The subsequent test runs take place on public streets, our own in-house test track, or at the ATESTEO dynamometer (roller test bench).

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You can find further information on our services in vehicle testing and road tests in our current brochure.

Road tests from the road test leader straesser

Road tests at straesser

  • Pre-production and serial tests
  • Vehicle endurance tests
  • Vehicle testing seven days a week in three-shift operation
  • Road tests on public roads or on the test track
  • Workshop service for test vehicles

The service area of road tests offers you access to the complete test program – from short-distance testing to long-distance testing for the quality control of the entire vehicle or components. The desired tests are performed, according to individual specifications, within the road test on public roads, defined test routes or test sites worldwide.

straesser DriveOn – High Power Charging (HPC) for road testing

straesser DriveOn is the innovative mobile charging station enabling location-independent mobile charging of battery electric test vehicles anywhere in the world. DriveOn makes testing electric vehicles possible even in remote areas. The test vehicles are charged quickly and flexibly via High Power Charging. The public power grid or diesel generators can be used as a power source. Whether in the jungle, desert, or mountains, or at the ends of the earth – straesser DriveOn ensures simpler, faster, and more cost-effective charging of electric vehicles in driving tests at any location.

Road tests – Short-distance tests

Road tests on the short-distance track mainly serve to test the function of parts, components or vehicle systems. To do so, it is necessary to equip individual components or assemblies with sensitive measuring technology. In certain cases, the complete measurement instrumentation of the entire vehicle may be necessary.

  • Functional testing of parts, components or vehicle systems
  • Equipping of individual components or assemblies with sensitive measuring technology
  • Complete measurement-related instrumentation of the entire vehicle
  • Road load data acquisition (rig test cycle development)
  • Measurement test drives/ measurement-related equipment
  • Functional testing, e.g. switchability, NVH measurements, temperature behaviour
  • Hot and cold temperature testing
  • Benchmarking

Road tests – Endurance tests (24/7 operation)

The driving task for long-distance road tests is to achieve a pre-defined high mileage with a determined route profile in as short a time as possible. Driving distances of 100,000 km and more are usual. We therefore only conduct long-distance tests in three-shift operation/seven days per week.

  • Long-distance tests in three-shift operation/seven days a week
  • High driving capacities (over 280 test drivers)
  • Validation in the long-distance testing
  • Quality monitoring
  • Accompanying of launches of vehicle components, subassemblies or complete vehicles
  • “Real world” endurance testing
  • Mileage accumulation

Road tests – Cold and hot temperature testing

For national and international customers, we measure climate-relevant phenomena such as cold switchability, cold ripples, clutch behaviour, cooling performance in the appropriate climatic zones (hot or cold temperatures) and prepare the results for vehicle development. For the test runs, we organise suitable test tracks on closed test terrain or in public road traffic for the test runs. In addition, drivers, mechanics, test cycles and measurement technology as well as all other required resources and services are made available for the project.

  • Hot- or cold-temperature measurement of climatically relevant phenomena such as cold switchability, cold rattling, clutch behaviour and cooling performance
  • Preparation of results for vehicle development
  • Test runs on closed test terrain or in public road traffic
  • Provision of drivers, mechanics, test cycles and measurement technology

Information road tests

You can find further information on the straesser road tests in our straesser road tests brochure.

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