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Drivetrain testing is an essential component of the development process of an automobile or its components. Speed and reliability play a key role during the testing and measurement of the performance of the drivetrain in the total vehicle system. This is why we are where our customers are, no matter where in the world they are. With offices, representations, and partners in Germany, China an Japan, ATESTEO offers efficient, valid, and independent test and measurement services on site.

Quality Made in Germany – around the globe.

The ATESTEO Corporate Group today employs approximately more than 800 staff in Germany, China and Japan. At its German headquarters in Alsdorf, employees work continuously on developing and optimising products, systems, and processes in drivetrain testing — always with the goal of generating sustained value through the power of innovation, through knowledge, and through acting effectively and transparently. The foundation of all actions at the ATESTEO Corporate Group is to offer a maximum of quality and assurance to the customer and to strengthen the trust of business and financial partners along with own employees through fairness, proficiency, and reliability.

Our locations in Germany


Konrad-Zuse-Straße 3
52477 Alsdorf

Phone: +49 2404 9870-0
Fax: +49 2404 9870-159
Mail: info@atesteo.com

The headquarters of ATESTEO GmbH are located in Alsdorf. The company headquarters is also the largest location. On a site of 110 000 m², seven testing halls and workshops can be found, alongside the administrative buildings. In addition, ATESTEO has a testing track available, which is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 362 and on which passing and noise measurements can be carried out amongst others.

ATESTEO has the varying test stands available: from those for acoustics and vibration analysis, to special testing facilities for components and testing of entire vehicles. Both combustion engines and electrical main engines can be used as motors during the testing of transmissions and complete drivetrains. A total of 64 testing stands with a performance capacity of 70 MW are installed at the ATESTEO Alsdorf site.

Technical facilities and workshops

  • Drivetrain test benches
  • Testing facilities for commercial vehicle applications
  • Testing stands with vehicle energy system
  • Acoustic roller dynamometer
  • Exhaust gas roller dynamometer
  • Hot gas test benches
  • Servo-hydraulic torsion test bench
  • Servo-hydraulic linear test bench
  • Acoustic transmission test bench, certified according to DIN ISO 3745 class 1
  • Measuring section certified according to DIN ISO 362
  • Prototype manufacture in the mechanical workshop
  • Measurement Technology Laboratories
  • Electromechanical workshop
  • Testing workshop
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Electronics laboratory and production facility
  • Vehicle assembly halls


Jülicher Straße 499
52070 Aachen

Phone: +49 241 96809-0
Fax: +49 241 167128
Mail: info@atesteo.com

ATESTEO’s oldest site is located in Aachen. 12 drivetrain and brake testing stands for cars and lorries, together with a roller dynamometer, can be found at this site. Thanks to the work of the Workshop and Construction Departments on site, an efficient carrying out of projects is guaranteed.

Technical facilities and workshops

  • Drivetrain test benches
  • Brake test bench for trucks
  • Brake test bench for cars
  • Double clutch test benches
  • Electromechanical workshop
  • Vehicle assembly halls
  • Hot-cold test facility
  • Hybrid test benches
  • Design office
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Measurement Technology Laboratories
  • Prototype production
  • Test benches for commercial vehicle applications
  • Environmental simulation test benches
  • Testing workshop


Matthäus-Merian-Straße 2A
34253 Lohfelden

Phone: +49 561 510 574-800
Fax: +49 561 510 574-809
Mail: info@atesteo.com

In Lohfelden near Kassel there is a test bench building with 18 test benches and an integrated mechanical and electrical-mechanical workshop on an area of 11,000 m². Due to the demand of our customers on site, the main focus of the Kassel site is the testing of drivetrain components.

This can involve the testing of double clutches, hybrid drives as well as investigations of components in climatic test benches. It is also possible to test complete drivetrains. Both electric machines and combustion engines can be used as drive systems.

Technical facilities and workshops

  • Drivetrain test benches
  • Double clutch test benches
  • Electromechanical workshop
  • Vehicle assembly halls
  • Hybrid test benches
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Test benches for commercial vehicle applications
  • Test benches with vehicle energy system
  • Environmental simulation test benches


Daimlerstraße 13
85748 Garching

Phone: +49 89 327 08 68-0
Mail: info@atesteo.com

In Garching near Munich, we have 1 highly flexible test benches. One of them is designed as an environmental simulation test bench. All test benches are equipped with battery simulation systems. Depending on the customer requirements, the test benches can be used to test components, drivetrains (2WD and 4WD) and engine test benches. Combustion engines, hybrid drives or electric motors can be used as drive systems.

Technical facilities and workshops

  • Battery simulation (DC sources)
  • Drivetrain test benches (2WD and 4WD)
  • E-machines and e-axis test benches
  • Engine test benches
  • Environmental simulation test bench
  • Hybrid test benches

ATESTEO Wolfsburg

Brandgehaege 18
38444 Wolfsburg

Phone: +49 5308 4066-0
Fax: +49 5308 4066-456
Mail: info@atesteo.com

At this site, a test bench building with integrated workshop, administration and eleven test benches in total is located on an area of 10 000m². Due to customer demand locally, the focus of the work of this site is the testing of complete drivetrains. 85% of the test stands here are performed as all-wheel dynamometers. Both combustion engines and electrical main engines can be used.

Technical facilities and workshops

  • Drivetrain test benches
  • Electromechanical workshop
  • Hybrid test benches
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Test benches with vehicle energy system

Career at ATESTEO

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Our locations in China


ATESTEO Gear Research Center (China) Co., Ltd.
No. 11 Anzhi Street
Suzhou Industrial Park
215024 Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Phone: +86 512 628 96 000
Fax: +86 512 628 96 039
Mail: info@atesteo.cn.com
Web: www.atesteo.cn.com

ATESTEO is represented in China by the ATESTEO Gear Research Center. It is located one hour west of Shanghai at the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). Alongside testing, the ATESTEO Gear Research Center offers complete transmission development (CAD, CAE), alongside the necessary software development plus vehicle integration and series production.

Both combustion engines and electrical main engines can be used for the testing of transmissions and complete drivetrains. A total of 30 test benches are available at the Suzhou site. In Addition to an NVH test bench, climate Chambers and battery simulators, ATESTEO offers highly dynamic dynos up to 20,000 rpm.

Technical facilities and workshops

  • Drivetrain test benches
  • Electro-mechanical workshop
  • Testing workshop
  • Mechanical workshop


ATESTEO GRC (Tianjin) North Testing Center Co., Ltd.
No. 8, Quan Ming Road
Tianjin Wuqing Development Area
301700 Tianjin

Phone:+86 22 8218 7005
Mail: info@atesteo.cn.com
Web: www.atesteo.cn.com

With its GRC North Testing Center (NTC), ATESTEO offers the Chinese automobile industry reliable and effective drivetrain testing with a focus on e-mobility testing.

In the NTC in Tianjin near Beijing, on a total of 20 test benches, conventional transmissions are tested on test benches with three electric machines; electric drive systems and hybrid drive systems are also tested. Experienced professionals test the drivetrain for endurance, efficiency, and environmental influences. Electric motors, transmissions, inverters, and auxiliary electric components are tested along with hybrid drive systems; battery systems are simulated.

Technical facilities and workshops

  • State-of-the-art test benches
  • ATESTEO automation system PDES
  • Cold water conditioning
  • Climate chamber
  • Faurndau ASM 280L AC dynamometers
  • High-speed PM dynos

Our location in Japan


With our sales office in Tokyo, ATESTEO offers Japanese customers an experienced and competent local contact. All services and products as well as ATESTEO’s comprehensive advice are thus available locally via short distances.

15th Mitsugi Bldg. 5F
2-15-13 Miyamachi, Fuchu-shi
Tokyo 183-0023

Phone: +81 42 319 8559
Mail: info@atesteo.com
Web: www.atesteo.jp


All news about our locations and about ATESTEO can be found in our news section.

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Worldwide partners and agencies for testing equipment


Instrumentation Devices Srl
Via Acquanera 29
22100 Como

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Fax: +39 031 507-984
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2G M&T Co., Ltd.
981-197, Gyeongseo-dong, Seo-gu,
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I-504, Plot-49, Friends CGHS
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Tel.: +91 120 491 77 13
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