Endurance tests for quality assurance

You can ensure and increase the longevity of your drive with early endurance tests. In order to identify and optimise the fatigue strength and wear of the components of the drivetrain or powertrain, we test your drives in over one hundred hours on our functional test benches and roller test benches. We carry out the service life testing of your series vehicle for you in road tests. During long-distance test drives, we test the durability of the powertrain and its components, often over several million kilometers.

Endurance testing to optimise durability and longevity

Determining the service life of individual components or assemblies of a powertrain right up to entire transmissions can be achieved on the test bench in a short period of time with a specified excessive stress. The resulting pattern of damage should represent the service life of the vehicle similarly to customer conditions. ATESTEO is able to conduct appropriate inspection procedures and tests on its own test benches, both with pure electrics and using the combustion engine. Virtually stationary states and dynamic operations are simulated during the test cycle. The test benches can be adapted to the requirements of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, moving working trains, or high-speed trains.

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Endurance tests on test bench and long distance

  • Dynamic endurance tests of electrical drive trains including vehicle converters
  • Endurance tests of the complete hybrid powertrain
  • Real-world endurance testing on the long distance

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