Prototype construction in the transmission development

Your advantages of the ATESTEO prototype workshop services:

  • Failure analysis of the component, with photographic documentation
  • Further development and improvement of the prototype
  • Prototype workshop and installation
  • Reverse engineering
  • Benchmarking

Prototype workshop concerns designing, constructing, and testing prototypes. Even in today’s digital age, prototype workshop during the development of the transmission and vehicle is indispensable in order to investigate and optimise components at an early stage. In the field of prototype workshop, ATESTEO offers automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers the complete range of services, from testing, optimisation, and installation to the development and construction of new prototypes. The prototype-related services of ATESTEO also include reverse engineering with benchmarking.

Our services in prototype workshop

Precision, experience, and expertise are the values that underlie prototype workshop at ATESTEO. Among other things, about 15 prototypes are constructed annually and many more tested or optimised at ATESTEO. In multidisciplinary teams, but always with close cooperation with the subject matter experts from the drivetrain testing, testing equipment, construction, and engineering services departments, the experts in the ATESTEO prototype workshop department work on reliable, highly accurate, and high-quality prototypes. Everything is quickly available to customers — from a single service all the way to a complete solution — in various service packages.

Our service packages in prototype construction at a glance:

  • Service package 1: prototype workshop
  • Service package 2: prototype workshop with design
  • Service package 3: prototype workshop with design including analysis


You have questions about prototype construction at ATESTEO and would like to learn more about our services? Our experts are there to advise you.

Service package 1: Prototype workshop

Installation, assembly, disassembly, and repair

  • Components
  • Adaption transmissions
  • Special designs and special constructions
  • Bearing Tower
  • Transmissions with high rotational speeds


  • Individual parts and components
  • Entire transmissions and gearboxes
  • Damage to ball bearings


  • Creation of photographic documentation
  • Failure and damage analysis
  • Support of customer´s prototype phase

Conducting crack measurements

  • Fluorescent
  • Standard check

Other services

  • Investigations of tooth patterns, contact patterns, and load carrying patterns
  • Hardness measurements of surfaces
  • Contour measurements
  • Roughness measurements
  • 3D measurement arm
  • Modification, disassembling, preparation of components for presentation
  • Fitting and mounting of special measurement technology and sensors for data acquisition

Service package 2: Prototype workshop with design

Services for testing transmissions on the ATESTEO test bench:

  • Construction and development of the adaptation transmission
  • Adaptation of the transmission to the requirements of the test bench such as, for example, flange profile, turndirection of gearbox (speed-adapting gearbox), and more
  • Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering during ATESTEO prototype workshop

During reverse engineering, external components are translated into design drawings. Even if there is no CAD description available for the component, individual designs can be reconstructed in this manner. That means that missing or lost construction data can be recovered or re-established under certain circumstances.

Service package 3: Prototype workshop with design including analysis

Design, implementation, verification, and improvement of the prototype in cooperation with the customer:

  • Further development and improvement of the customer’s transmission or gearbox
  • Feasibility studies on developments and various designs
  • Benchmarking

Additional services at the ATESTEO gear and transmission laboratory

Workshop and laboratory

  • Rental to customers of the workbench, areas of the workshop, and tools in the ATESTEO transmission and gearbox laboratory
  • Use of the facilities and instruments to develop one’s own prototypes
  • High standards of safety and confidentiality
  • Access to experts from the ATESTEO prototype workshop department

Calibration of torque wrenches (torque spanners)

  • Issuance of factory calibration certificates

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