Efficiency testing for more efficient gears and drives

The ATESTEO test bench range provides reliable results around the drivetrain and transmission of our customers. At a time when more efficient vehicle equipment is moving to the centre of development, efficiency testing at ATESTEO helps to design and optimise the drivetrain and transmission with low fuel consumption.

Efficiency testing to optimise consumption and durability

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of vehicles are a dominant topic in the current discussion about climate change. Improvements such as weight reduction, improvement to the combustion engine, or modification of shifting strategies can result in reducing gases harmful to the environment through the drivetrain. Current transmissions already have an efficiency ratio of greater than 97%, so it is a challenge to measure improvements in efficiency in the transmission. ATESTEO torque measuring devices and flanges with two independent measurement ranges is one solution. Using this dual telemetry system can reduce the uncertainty of results caused by mechanical remodelling of the measurement equipment. Highly accurate measurement results can therefore be achieved, combined with an accuracy of less than 0.05% with respect to the measurement range end value.

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Testing services for efficiency tests

  • Drag Loss Measurement
  • Drag Torque Measurement
  • Spin Loss Measurement
  • Efficiency Measurements
  • Oil level examinations

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