Test bench measurement equipment from ATESTEO

ATESTEO offers not only drivetrain testing in test benches, but also the required testing, measuring, and sensing technology for measuring, testing, and analysing complete drivetrains and their components. The discipline of test technology for test benches fundamentally concerns the development and production of high-resolution torque and torque measurement systems to capture stationary and highly dynamic processes.

The products, solutions, and services of our testing equipment with torque sensors, vehicle equipment, and actuators support your vehicle testing and transmission development. They were created for engineers by engineers. All testing and measurement systems from ATESTEO are developed at the highest technical level. Our testing equipment works with state-of-the-art automation technology, maximum precision, situational awareness, and open interfaces.

Innovative testing equipment from ATESTEO

For your development and vehicle testing needs, ATESTEO offers you both standard components and tailor-made ones in a wide range of products for testing technology:

  • Torque sensors from 1 Nm to 500 kNm
  • DAkkS and factory calibration
  • Telemetry systems for contactless energy and data transmission
  • Outfitting transmissions, drivetrains and vehicles with measurement technology for:
    • torque
    • rotational speed
    • acceleration
    • temperature
    • pressure
    • power
  • Analysis systems for manual transmissions and clutch control
  • Machines for choosing gears, clutch control, and more
  • Custom-tailored measurement equipment

ATESTEO testing equipment at a glance

Torque sensors


Vehicle Equipment

Gear Shift Analysis

Electric charging

Test technology for custom tasks

By closely working together with test bench engineers, we are able to create measurement systems that meet your needs and test these systems as early as the development phase under test bench conditions. With the achieved product extensions and product improvements, additional aims were able to be met relative to changing environmental and component pressures and which are called for to support reliable handling in operation.

With over 30 years of experience and deep expertise, we develop custom-tailored test and measurement technology for testing your vehicles. That means that with measurement technology from ATESTEO, you receive solutions precisely tailored to your needs and measurement, testing, and analytic challenges.


You would like to have individual solutions in measurement equipment customized to your requirements? Get in contact with us!

Custom measurement technology solutions

Our holistic approach at ATESTEO results in measurement technology solutions that are used both at ATESTEO test benches and directly at OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in the automotive industry. Our complete range of measurement technology solutions, consisting of torque measurement systems, vehicle equipment, and actuators, can be tied to state-of-the-art automation technology.

Whether standardised or tailored to your needs — with a wide range of technical products, our measurement technology solutions offer you optimum torque measurement technology and high-end instruments:

Measurement systems

High-resolution torque and rotation measurement systems with non-contact signal transmission to capture stationary and highly dynamic processes.

Technical measurement vehicle equipment

Components for setting up high-quality telemetry systems, measurement technology for rotating parts in and on the transmission, and complete vehicle equipment along with the transmission and gear shifting analysis application GSA (gear shift analysis).


From a clutch pedal actuator and gas pedal actuator to state-of-the-art gear shifting machines to automate test benches.

Customer-specific measurement technology

ATESTEO’s electronic development department, integrated in the area of customer-specific measurement technology, has extensive expertise in the further development and new development of electronic measurement systems.

Measuring amplifier for DMS

The ATESTEO strain gauge amplifier system processes the signals from sensors supplied on strain gauge basis in a bridge circuit. For this purpose, the SAFO provides a reference voltage to supply the bridge and converts the incoming differential voltage into a frequency in the range of 60 kHz + 20 kHz. With the SAFO 1.3 a temperature compensation curve for the internal electronics is recorded ex works and stored in an EEProm. The user can switch the temperature compensation on or off as desired.

SAFO 1.3 – Features

  • Torque-proportional frequency output [Hz] of 60 kHz + 20 kHz
  • Gain adjustable by DIL-switch in the range 1-10.000
  • Automatic zero point adjustment (16 bit resolution) at the touch of a button or via serial interface
  • Serial interface with terminal function
  • Calibration jump
  • Measurement and display of the electronics temperature in the range 0 °C-125 °C (0.5 °C resolution) with measuring point compensation option
  • Resettable operating hours counter
  • Optional external temperature measurement via thermocouple with measuring point compensation option
  • Optional switchable input from voltage +10 V/+5 V to strain gauge amplifier
  • Optional single-line 7-digit display

SAFO 2.3 – Features

  • Strain gauge amplifier with frequency output [Hz] in the range 60 kHz + 20 kHz
  • Galvanically isolated analogue output + 10V and + 20 mA and 4-20 mA
  • Gain adjustable via serial interface in the range 0.3077mV/V and 14.2857mV/V.
  • Automatic zero point adjustment at the push of a button or via serial interface
  • Serial interface with terminal function
  • Measurement and display of the electronics temperature in the range 0°C-125°C (0.5°C resolution). (maximum operating temperature of the electronics: 70°C)
  • Resettable operating hours counter
  • Optional CAN-Bus interface

Vibration monitoring systems

Structure-borne sound monitoring systems are used to monitor sensitive drive components. These systems are equipped with a robust piezoelectric sensor as vibration transducer. The sensor is mounted directly on the critical bearing points of blowers, pumps and other drive components. Bearing damage is indicated by increased noise emissions.

The structure-borne noise monitoring system measures the structure-borne noise emissions occurring during operation with the help of the internally or externally mounted sensor and can thus detect changes. If a freely adjustable threshold value is exceeded, a switching output is set, which is reset once the value falls below the threshold. Usually this output is used to issue a warning. Further outputs can be used to switch off and lock the monitored machine.

Further product developments

  • Gearbox controls (drivers for solenoid valves and sensors)
  • DMS application service
  • Calibration of torque transducers
  • Development of special measuring technology


You can find further information on our solutions and services in the field of measurement equipment in our current brochure.