Analysis and expert assessment during testing on the test bench

Here’s how you benefit from analysis and expert assessment near the test bench during testing runs:

  • Testing, analysis, and documentation from a single source
  • More effective logistics, since the analysis is conducted on site by a laboratory or the customer
  • Faster results and further development of the transmission or components of the customer
  • Analysis and repairs near the test bench under laboratory conditions
  • Use of calibrated measurement technology
  • Highest security standard with TISAX certification, including separating customers in the protected area
  • Specialists with many years of experience in analysis
  • Know-how and expertise from the world’s market leader for drivetrain testing

When it comes to developing new drive technologies, ATESTEO is with you every step of the way. We design, construct, and test your components and prototypes. We test your complete drivetrains and powertrains. In addition, we develop specific measuring equipment and test equipment for transmissions and test benches. And we also offer you the service of analyzing and expertly assessing your test specimens during the development process. While components and prototypes are being tested, we evaluate components or the entire test specimen between the testing phases. This means that the test specimen remains on site even for analysis and expert assessment — saving you time, effort, and money.


Expert assessment

A single source for testing, transmission analysis and expert assessment, and prototype construction:


Would you like to know more about our analysis and expert assessment service for your prototypes during bench testing? Write to us! We will gladly advise you.

Service: analysis in the testing environment

  • Failure analysis of the component, including photographic documentation
  • Installation of special measurement technology in customers’ transmissions
  • Contact pattern analysis of the contact surfaces of gear teeth
  • Force curves and load testing of transmission and gearbox housings with the aid of strain gauges

Service: expert assessment in the testing environment

  • Crack testing of components (fluorescent and standard methods)
  • Investigation of oil leaks in housings on test benches parallel to test operation, using professional UV technology
  • Testing specimens, individual components, and entire transmissions and gearboxes
  • Damage to roller bearings and bearing running surfaces
  • Running surface inspection of gear wheels
  • Creation of photographic documentation

Analyse and expert assessment in the testing environment: additional services

  • Various bonding techniques on test transmissions
  • Detection of the finest damage to materials with the aid of:
    • Investigations using a microscope
    • Additional means
  • Documentation and measurement of actual conditions with the aid of:
    • Hardness measurements on components
    • Contour measurements
    • Roughness measurements
    • 3D measurement arm
  • Further development and improvement of the customer’s test specimen
  • Support of the customer’s development phase

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