Inverter testing for the highest degree of efficiency

Nothing runs without it: In electric and hybrid vehicles, inverters convert direct current (DC) from the batteries into the alternating current (AC) needed for the electric powertrain. Additionally, the inverter is responsible for ensuring that the motor receives the amount of current necessary to deliver the requested power, as well as preventing damage by limiting the electric power to the motor when it reaches critical temperatures. Because of this, the inverter is considered to be the brains and heart of electric powertrains.

Inverter testing tailored to your specific needs

OEMs around the world are in constant search for solutions to optimize electric drive units (EDUs). The electric drive system, which consist of inverter and motor, is crucial in this search for optimization.
The wide range of performance classes achievable with electric drive systems, results in many applications beyond those of the automotive industry. In any case, a perfect marriage of inverter and motor is necessary for these systems to work optimally. For this reason, many manufacturers chose to develop inverters in-house, which allows them to calibrate them precisely to the electric motor of their system. This generates a high demand for adaptable inverter testing facilities with a high degree of customisation to meet the requirements of customers from diverse industries.

With high capacity of various types of inverter test benches, and experienced staff, powertrain testing specialist ATESTO is ready to meet the high demand.

Inverter testing

Durability tests, functional and parameter tests, as well as environmental simulations, are all part of the portfolio ATESTEO has to offer for inverter testing without rotating components (no electric motor needed). In these tests, inductive/passive loads are used to test inverters, enabling test procedures in which realistic parameters, such as output current, are modelled. These types of endurance tests are used to ensure the functionality, longevity, and reliability of the inverters.

In some cases, and for more detailed investigations, active loads to simulate the behaviour and reactions of the actual motor are needed.

This variety of test setups makes it possible to simulate the most diverse operating situations of a drive system. With a comprehensive test portfolio, ATESTEO supports OEMs and suppliers from the early stages of development and optimization of reliable and durable electric drive systems.

Inverter testing at the number-one drivetrain testing specialist

Being such a crucial component of the electric drive system and therefore of complete electric powertrains, inverters must be tested thoroughly before they reach the roads on complete vehicles. Proper function and efficiency over the entire service life are important criteria in the development and validation of the vehicle. At ATESTEO, the service life of inverters is tested in endurance tests with superimposed climatic simulations. These tests are conducted inside climate chambers which can simulate environmental conditions with temperatures ranging from -60 °C to +160 °C, and with controllable humidity.

Inverter testing with a passive load

  • Verification of the operational lifetime and reliability
  • Analysis of sub-components after continuous loading
  • Verification of safety devices and protective circuits
  • Cost-effective solution with well-proven test bench setup
  • Full phase current
  • Simulation of rest bus and position encodern
  • Only reactive power (inductive)
  • 1 quadrant (1-Q) operation
  • Unidirectional flow of current, no recuperation

Inverter testing with an active load*

  • Test in the entire spectrum of performance
  • Functional tests and parameter tests
  • Efficiency measurements; Recording of the engine characteristic map
  • Measurement of input and output parameters: current, voltage, power
  • Bi-directional operation (2-Q operation) possible

Inverter testing with e-motor emulator (active)*

  • Emulative simulation of drive-specific e-motors; model-based
  • Highly accurate parameterization of inverter characteristics
  • 4-quadrant (4-Q) operation

*Not yet part of our range of services – please contact us for more information .

How you benefit from testing your inverters at ATESTEO

  • High availability of our test facilities
  • Parallel testing of several inverters per test bench possible
  • Highly flexible through rapid adaptation of the inverter test benches
  • Inverter testing for the entire range of e-mobility, from the automobile to utility vehicles and motorcycles
  • Reproduction and implementation of all needed and requested customer requirements
  • Individual coordination of inverter testing on every e-motor of the OEM on the test bench

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Flexibly adaptable inverter test benches for testing inverters

Test bench setup for one inverter

Test bench setup for 6 inverters


Our team of experts for testing your inverters

The quality of the team is decisive for optimally setting up the test benches and conducting all the needed tests on inverters. Our e-mobility experts at ATESTEO have a high degree of expertise in testing inverters and also in testing the entire powertrain. Experienced testing engineers work closely together with our customers.

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