Testing and powertrain testing at the No. 1!

As a leading drivetrain testing specialist, ATESTEO concentrates all its expertise and experience on testing the entire drivetrain in the test bench. In addition to the components that supply the drive wheels with energy, we also test the engine for you in Powertrain Testing.

E-mobility testing at ATESTEO: The future has started.

Drivetrain Testing and Powertrain Testing

Your requirements, wishes, and goals are what drive us. Whether the power is from a combustion engine, electric motor, or hybrid drive — we support you to develop and implement new, low-emission transmissions and drives. As the leading drivetrain testing specialist, we offer you drivetrain testing and powertrain testing along with further engineering and testing services. At over 200 of our own test benches, we test your complete drivetrain or individual components. Noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) and braking performance tests are part of our drivetrain testing service range. We also perform complete vehicle testing on the roller dynamometer test bench and at our proving grounds. ATESTEO especially stays abreast of changes in electric vehicles. With e-motor powertrain testing test benches and hybrid test benches, we support you in your creating e-mobility technologies.

Our testing services at a glance

Endurance testing

E-mobility testing

NVH testing

Environmental simulation

Efficiency testing

Functional testing

Vehicle testing and road tests

Component testing brakes

Hot gas testing

Our competence in drivetrain testing

Growth, quality and increased efficiency are the challenges that the automotive and supplier industry must meet with innovative solutions. Increasing efficiency has a great deal to do with the drivetrain. This is because effective CO2 reduction can be achieved through improved transmission efficiency. As the global market leader for drivetrain testing, ATESTEO is your strong partner here. With tests individually tailored to your requirements, we create the basis for you to optimize the consumption and thus the CO2 emissions of your existing drivetrain technology. This service is embedded in a comprehensive drivetrain testing portfolio that also includes the requirements for the entire vehicle and individual components of the drivetrain.

Your advantages with the leading testing specialist

  • Reliable, independent drivetrain testing partner
  • Extensive transmission and drivetrain know-how
  • Reliability of processes and results
  • Expertise in testing and pre/post-processing
  • High testing capacities
  • Flexibility in application
  • Test bench set-up analogous to Drivetrain Testing demand

Your requirements – our testing solutions

Test Benches

Optimization of consumption and CO2 emissions of your existing drivetrain technology and development of new drive concepts.

Component testing

Individual components are to be subjected to various development or release tests.

Vehicle testing

Whole vehicle testing or component testing under real driving conditions, as well as the determination of real emissions during driving.


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