Our management board

The management of ATESTEO consists of experienced professionals with a high level of expertise in engineering and the automotive industry. Together they steer our company’s course towards the growth and further development of the test bench and service portfolio with regard to alternative and new forms of propulsion. Our management and staff are optimally networked and professionally positioned to bring the transmission and drivetrain developments of automotive manufacturers and suppliers to the road ready for series production. And to help shape the new forms of drive for the mobility of the future in the long term.

Tim Willers

“With early drivetrain testing, we help the automotive industry to advance its developments for new drives and autonomous driving.”

Dr. Josef Görgens

“As a long-term independent partner in drivetrain testing, we continue to invest in know-how and technology so that we can always provide the right testing solution for the exciting new developments in the automotive industry.”

Dr. Lei Kan

“We want to offer our customers worldwide optimal drivetrain testing and related engineering services.”