Electric charging for drivetrain testing

Whether you are testing e-mobility solutions on the road or inside a test bench, being able to charge the batteries at any time and on-site, significantly maximizes testing efficiency. DriveOn and ChargeOn are two solutions developed by ATESTEO to enable the charging of electric drives, electric, and plug-in hybrid vehicles during drivetrain testing, regardless of location, manufacturer, and time.


Mobile charging station for high-power charging on the road

  • Mobile electric vehicle (EV) charging for road testing
  • Standard charging via wallbox EV charger
  • High-Power Charging (HPC) with DC fast chargers
  • Complete charging infrastructure in a mobile container
  • Full service for worldwide straesser road trials of electric vehicles


Stationary charging system for traction batteries directly at the test bench

  • Automated charging of traction batteries during testing
  • Simple integration into your test bench
  • Seamless connection of charging and discharging cycles during testing
  • Fully automated testing operation
  • Up to 1,000 V DC and 500 A
  • Integrated cooling solution for charging cables

straesser DriveOn: electric charging for EVs during road tests

ATESTEO has teamed up with the leading vehicle road test provider, straesser, to create the mobile charging station for mobile electric charging of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. DriveOn allows e-drives to be charged conveniently and quickly anywhere in the world at any time. These benefits are essential for the development of new e-drives and e-vehicles around the globe, especially in remote areas such as deserts and frigid areas where neither charging stations nor connections to the power grid can be found. Straesser DriveOn provides a containerized continuous-charging system no matter where the road test takes place.

straesser DriveOn – Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging is a charging station that contains the entire charging infrastructure for road tests and which can be permanently mobile on a trailer.

Benefits of electric charging with straesser DriveOn:

  • Mobile charging station for hybrid and battery electric vehicles
  • Electric charging anywhere and any time
  • High-Power Charging of up to two vehicles within 20 minutes
  • Standard charging of up to ten vehicles on a wall box overnight
  • Simple, portable, and cost-effectively vehicle charging
  • Full service for e-mobility road tests

Fully integrated system

Straesser DriveOn enables wallbox and HPC in extreme hot, cold or wet environments, on high-speed test tracks, or on urban environments for ADAS testing. Up to two vehicles can be fast-charged simultaneously via High-Power Chargers, therefore, road tests can be carried out without lengthy charging stops, even in the most remote testing environments. Energy is supplied to the DriveOn mobile charging station via public power grid, internal diesel generators, hydrogen fuel cells, or a combination of these systems.

Electric charging with the Combined Charging System

With straesser DriveOn, two mobile charging processes are mapped: Wall Box and HPC. In this way, entire vehicle fleets can be quickly charged via High Power Charging during road tests. For automobile manufacturers, suppliers and development service providers, this opens up the possibility of mobile electric charging in road tests worldwide. For operators of test tracks and testing stations, the mobile charging station enables HPC to be provided at any time for charging the test fleets. In addition, straesser DriveOn can be used anywhere mobile Electric Charging is needed such as events, Driver Experiences or more. And for future vehicle testing with hydrogen, the system is easily adapted.

Conducting road trials including providing drivers

Making the charging container available

Vehicle transport

Retrieval of all components

More information

Would you like more information about straesser DriveOn? Are you planning a road trial? Our experts are at your service to answer questions, give advice, and assist in your planning.

ATESTEO ChargeOn: electric charging of e-drives on the test bench

When electric drive units are tested in combination with their traction batteries on the test bench, it is necessary to charge the traction battery between test cycles. Charging is now fully automatic with the ATESTEO ChargeOn charging box. The innovative DC charging station enables automated electric charging of traction batteries on the test bench. Whether for endurance testing, efficiency testing, functional testing or environmental simulation, ATESTEO ChargeOn is easy to integrate into the test bench setup. The result: The batteries on the test bench charge automatically without intervention from staff.

Charging station for automatically charging drive batteries on the test bench

ATESTEO ChargeOn is a sophisticated charging system (similar to an EVSE) for the test bench for automated DC charging of traction batteries, supporting common DC charging protocols and connector types. The operation of the controllable charging station is fully automated, allowing it to continue running efficiently throughout the day without the need for personnel.

ATESTEO ChargeOn – automated High Power Charge controller:

POWERFUL: Charging capacities of up to 1,000 V DC and 500 A via customer-supplied DC source.

CLEAR: Exchange between charging box and automation via large-scale interface.

CONTROLLED: Control of the host via digital interfaces following the master-slave principle.

DIGITAL: Overview of the states of the charging box and configuration remotely via integrated website.

EFFICIENT: Automated alternating between charge and discharge cycle in all-day operation.

COMPATIBLE: Supports the protocols DC Type 2 CCS, DC GB/T, DC CHAdeMO, and AC Type 2 CCS.

USER-FRIENDLY: Can be quickly installed in existing test systems because of simple hardware installation.

COMPLETE: With energy meter for determining consumption and permanently installed optionally liquid-cooled charging cable.

Benefits of electric charging with the automated charging station ATESTEO ChargeOn:

  • CAN bus interface for automating test benches: The test bench is the master. Numerous states and measurement values assist during analysis and operation.
  • Integrated charging protocols: Communication to the object under test is integrated into the charging box. The test bench programmer need have only basic knowledge of charging processes.
  • Fully developed system: Reliable design including final inspection of each manufactured system.
  • Safety functions and safety interfaces available: Safe operation. Integrated temperature monitoring to avoid overheating.
  • Rapid charging possible: State-of-the-art technology.
  • Optional external cooling: Cooling can be selected as required according to the infrastructure. Control for some cooling systems is already integrated in the charging box.
  • Service and support: ATESTEO installs and brings into service at customer sites around the globe.

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