Automotive infotainment validation throughout Europe

Modern vehicles feature a wide range of digital comfort and safety features consolidated in the infotainment system. Entertainment via the radio and multimedia system, navigation via GPS, and an Internet connection provide information while relieving the driver. The system and its functions must be validated under real conditions in the vehicle and in traffic before the start of production (SOP). This is even more so when the vehicle has been developed and manufactured outside Europe and is to be distributed and sold within the EU.

For this situation, ATESTEO offers vehicle manufacturers the complete range of infotainment testing. All important functions are tested in the vehicle on the road, in running traffic, and throughout Europe with regard to quality, stability, and compatibility. Various systems are tested for conformance with European standards and radio frequencies. The validation tests can be conducted individual for infotainment testing and telematics testing. They can also be carried out in combination with each other plus ADAS validation.

Infotainment testing & validation of all functions

As the central control unit, the infotainment system gives the driver access primarily to the navigation system, hands-free device, advanced driver assistance systems, and radio. To test how capable the system is and how compliantly the features behave relative to European standards, ATESTEO tests with its own native speaker testers in the vehicle in European traffic. The system is tested in complex situations such as urban traffic, unclear traffic situations, or special types of roads to ensure that all requirements of the system are met.

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Infotainment testing: online entertainment systems

  • Internet connection
  • Signal validation
  • Internet speed

A stable Internet connection is essential for infotainment to function in the vehicle. ATESTEO tests to see whether disruptions occur while driving, how strong the signal is, how fast the Internet works, and in which zones there is room for optimization.

  • During infotainment testing, ATESTEO determines how stable the Internet connection between the vehicle and mobile phone network is while using the app store, member center, Internet radio, or the online video player.
  • If desired, the Internet speed of the surrounding environment is measured as a reference.
  • The test also reveals any disruption; for example, when the vehicle is moving.
  • The strength of the 4G/5G signal is tested in various traffic situations in strong zones, weak zones, and interference zones.
  • All tests are performed during driving and at standstill.

Infotainment testing: voice commands

  • Interpretation
  • Communication
  • Testing in all EU languages with native speakers

Voice commands that are correctly recognized and executed by the system have a positive effect on driving comfort and satisfaction. The correct interpretation of commands and the quality of the communication between the driver and system play a decisive role.

For this purpose, ATESTEO conducts infotainment tests in multiple languages directly in the vehicle under real road and traffic conditions. Native speakers test the wake-up rate, recognition rate, and false wake-up rate in each language.

  • To perform infotainment tests in accordance with the voice command library, such as air conditioning setting, entertainment setting, or window and seat settings, the testers with the first language background are assigned to the target language. The speech tests are conducted while the vehicle is stationary and moving. Speech speed, speech volume, different dialects, and the influence of ambient noise are taken into account.

Infotainment testing: car-smartphone connection

  • Connection stability
  • CarPlay/Android Auto
  • WiFi & Bluetooth

For the driver to use smartphone functions in the vehicle without issue, the vehicle-to-smartphone connection and playback need to work flawlessly. To check this, ATESTEO tests vehicle compatibility with all popular smartphones while the vehicle is stationary and during driving.

  • ATESTEO checks the stability and reliability of the connection between the vehicle and smartphone using WiFi, hotspot, Bluetooth, and cable (CarPlay/Android Auto).
  • Bluetooth is tested during telephone calls and music playback.
  • The quality of the connection and sound playback are validated.
  • Navigation functions are checked for delays and disruptions.

Infotainment testing: language display

  • Language
  • Grammar
  • Display

For the infotainment system to understand speech naturally, it is important that grammar, letters, and words are reproduced correctly by the system. The better this is done, the easier and safer it is for the driver to interact with the system.

  • During infotainment testing, ATESTEO checks whether grammar, spelling, and letters are correctly and flawlessly reproduced.
  • The correct display of the language and words is tested while the vehicle is stationary.
  • The interaction of the driver; that is, how simply, safely, quickly, and conveniently the driver is able to interact with the voice command system, is tested and validated in the infotainment test.

Infotainment testing: testing of radio functionality

  • Reception
  • Frequencies
  • DAB and FM

In infotainment testing throughout Europe, ATESTEO tests the following functions of the vehicle radio. During testing, the planned route covers weak radio reception zones and the dynamic test requirements in equal measure.

  • Radio test of bandwidth, frequencies, etc. for reception, stability, quality
  • Number of broadcasters, search speed, channel lists
  • Stability of reception in various frequency bands
  • Frequency bands
  • Parameter quality (radio measurement technology)
  • Automatic switch from DAB to FM, station switching, and DAB/FM switching
  • Announcements, service ensemble
  • Dynamic sensitivity of the tuner (moving in and out of the FM/DAB range)

Infotainment testing: navigation test

  • Route planning
  • Navigation accuracy
  • GPS and Google Maps

There are many special situations in European traffic; for example, bridges or roundabouts, which are major challenges for the navigation system. In infotainment testing, ATESTEO checks whether GPS and maps function correctly.

Checking the accuracy of navigation, taking into account local road conditions and points of interest (POI):

Route planning (calculation of distance and duration, detours and alternative routes)

  • Positioning
  • Map display (driving direction, speed limit, real-time traffic information, 2D/3D, switching between day and night modes)
  • Voice instructions
  • Various vehicle speeds

Infotainment testing: offline entertainment

  • Compatibility
  • Audio and video player
  • EU formats

There exist various audio and video formats in Asia and Europe. The offline entertainment test mainly serves to test the formats and validate compatibility with the installed format.

  • Checking the compatibility between the audio/video player in the vehicle and common audio and video formats.
  • Testing the audio and video formats usual in the EU: AVI, DIVX, MPG, MPEG, VOB, MP4, M4V, MOV, OGG, FLV, and WMV.

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Telematics testing & validation for optimum connections

Vehicle data needed for various functions is collected using telematics. These functions include eCall (an automatic emergency call in the event of an accident), software updates (OTA), and remote monitoring and control of the vehicle. Using telematics validation tests, ATESTEO tests and validates the various functions under real conditions in the vehicle. The Internet connection, streaming, quality of the mobile phone network, and in-vehicle telematics functions are tested throughout Europe.

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The primary objective of telematics validation testing at ATESTEO is to test the stability and speed of the mobile network (download and upload) under real road conditions. As a reference, the Internet speed can be measured using an external device. If desired, ATESTEO will record LOG data during the tests. The weak points, fade zones, and interference zones of the local mobile phone network are always included in all considerations because the route plan must cover such critical zones. During telematics testing on the road, the vehicle repeatedly drives in and out of the critical zones to check the stability of the Internet connection. ATESTEO not only checks the Internet connections with various domestic mobile network providers, but also verifies the Internet quality using the cooperating foreign provider. The telematics functions are tested both during driving and at standstill. The effects of the weather must be taken into account.

Telematics tests

  • Internet connection
  • Streaming
  • Cellular network (mobile phone network)
  • Remote control
  • Apps

AIn telematics testing, ATESTEO tests how stable the Internet connection of the vehicle is in 4G or 5G. ATESTEO also tests whether there are disturbances, problems, or weaknesses in the connection, how high the quality and speed are, how the vehicle behaves when the connection is poor, and whether the telematics system in the vehicle can maintain the functions.

    ATESTEO tests the following:

  • Speeds of upload, download, and installation
  • Remote connection to the data center of the manufacturer
  • Do live broadcasts and streaming run without delays?
  • Remote control functions for the door, unlock and lock, location, window, air conditioning, vehicle data, dashboard, charging status, environment monitoring.
  • All apps
  • Call center (iCall, bCall, eCall)
  • Over-the-air updates


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