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Welcome to ATESTEO, the leading drivetrain testing specialist for the automotive industry and automotive supply industry. With more than 150 state-of-the-art test benches around the globe, our own testing software, and highly-qualified staff, ATESTEO offers reliable, valid, and independent drivetrain testing results. With our more than 30 years of experience and great expertise, we consistently focus on customer-oriented, flexible power train testing.

Drivetrain testing and development with experience and expertise.

Drivetrain testing at test benches is ATESTEO’s core competence. As a DAkkS-accredited, independent drivetrain and powertrain testing specialist, we ensure fast, reliable, and substantively documented test results using custom applications in our area of competence of testing.


Powertrain testing

Our drivetrain testing test benches have been developed to test transmissions as an assembly, as part of a drivetrain, or as part of the entire vehicle. Independently of the customer’s specifications, ATESTEO conducts functional or endurance tests of transmissions and drivetrains. Combustion engines or electrical motors are used as a drive. All test benches are prepared to conduct tests on passenger or commercial vehicles. We offer our customers future security above all in the field of e-mobility. ATESTEO maintains many own test benches for testing electric motors, inverters, hybrid drives, and auxiliary electrical components, and for simulating battery systems as well.



For testing acoustics and vibrations of vehicles, ATESTEO has at its disposal various test benches such as noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) drivetrain test benches and an gear acoustic test bench ATE (anechoic test chamber for transmissions with engine torque pulsation simulation). In addition, we support our customers to develop torsional vibration dampers.

New NVH test benches starting in mid-2017: At our new NVH test benches, you can test your prototypes even more effectively for audible and perceptible vibrations of transmissions and drivetrains.

  • With 25 channels to measure sound pressure, sound power, and structure-borne sound.
  • Simulation of combustion engines and drivetrain.
  • Analyses of NVH phenomena such as transmission rattling and howling.
  • Suitable for all transmission types including AWD, along with all hybrid and electric drives up to 20,000 rpm.



Braking laboratory

For brake testing, ATESTEO conducts all appropriate testing programmes according to international, national, and factory standards, along with homologation. In addition, we also provide support for special applications and set up customised test benches.


Vehicle tests

Complementary to its test benches, ATESTEO offers its own test track for passenger and commercial vehicles. The proving grounds are concealed from view and suitable for PBN (pass-by noise) measurements. During test drives, we create situations in which the entire vehicle or its components are examined. In addition, we have chassis dynamometers to test the entire vehicle and measure fuel consumption. In our own cold chamber, the drivetrain can be calibrated to extreme climatic conditions to test cold starting and components.


Hot Gas Test Centre

In seven fully-automated hot gas test benches, thermal tests of complete exhaust systems and elements such as catalytic converters, exhaust heat exchangers, gaskets, mufflers, suspensions, and pipes and tubes are conducted.


Reliability and quality in drivetrain testing.

Delivering solid, reliable, and independent results is the point and aim of ATESTEO. Well-known automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers trust our independent drivetrain testing results, which are unreservedly ensured by our state-of-the-art, adaptable equipping of the drivetrain test benches, our own testing software, and the deep expertise of our long-term employees. We are always quite close to our customers. With more than 150 test benches, we are located close to customers no matter where in the world they are. With experience and competence, we immediately grasp their requirements. Our high test bench capacities enable us to react rapidly to individual customer requests when it comes to powertrain testing. We use the smooth adaptability of the services of our test benches to fulfil a wide variety of customer requirements in a short period of time.

Flexible services for continuously changing requirements.

Maximum testbench capacity

Our flexibility and short reaction and set-up times enable us to support our customers and their ever-shorter development cycles. To fulfil drivetrain testing requirements for tried-and-tested drivetrains, but also for new drivetrains, our hardware, software, and know-how are always state-of-the-art. This is how ATESTEO guarantees maximum reliability through valid results as an independent drivetrain testing partner with state-of-the-art processes and methods.

State-of-the-art drivetrain testing and development services

Applying their deep knowledge of the industry and considerable technical knowledge, qualified, experienced, and well-trained ATESTEO employees around the globe test drivetrains and transmissions on test benches for the automotive industry. Our engineering services are tightly connected to drivetrain testing and assist customers to develop their transmissions in a targeted fashion.

  • Close to the requirements of the customer
  • Located near customers, no matter where in the world they are
  • Rapid realisation
  • High test bench capacities
  • Optimal value for money
  • High-end testing technology


You can find further information about ATESTEO in our company and our performance brochure.

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