ATESTEO is available for you even during the coronavirus crisis


  • Despite the restrictions, all departments of ATESTEO keep running

Despite the restrictions owing to the coronavirus pandemic, we are making sure that all departments of ATESTEO continue to be kept running. To protect our employees from being infected with the coronavirus and so that we adhere to the recommended precautionary and hygiene measures of the federal government and WHO, we have developed special internal teams and processes. This is how we ensure that all employees in the company are acting with sufficient distance between them. Or they are able to work together in different groups.

Based on the current state of affairs, we assume that the test operations at ATESTEO for automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers can continue to be carried out. If the current situation changes, we will of course inform you in good time.

Our team at ATESTEO can be reached as usual by telephone or email at the numbers and addresses you are familiar with. Or you may use our contact form on the website:

Stay healthy!