ATESTEO building central testing site in the USA


  • New testing site in East Lansing, Michigan

  • Testing on more than 20 test benches

  • Services directly in the USA for current and future customers in the USA

Discussions with the City of East Lansing, Michigan have been concluded and the decision made: ATESTEO has a new testing site in the USA! As the leading German drivetrain testing specialist, ATESTEO has consistently expanded its international presence in recent years to be present wherever transmission development takes place. Germany, China, Japan, Italy, Korea, and the USA are key countries with a strong automotive industry. The increased development of electric and hybrid drive systems has shown, however, that manufacturers require testing capacities directly on site. ATESTEO has reacted to the needs of the market by searching for a site for new headquarters in the USA. Ultimately, ATESTEO opted for the region in Central Michigan, which is rich in innovation and has a long automobile tradition. Proximity to the automotive industry in Lansing and Detroit also played a role in the decision.

ATESTEO North America is planned to start operations in March 2023. Until then, the facilities in East Lansing are being expanded and the high-tech test benches from Germany set up. ATESTEO plans to start with 10 test benches, gradually increasing capacity to 20. ATESTEO will serve current and future customers from the automotive industry and transmission development sectors in the USA directly in Michigan with a full range of drivetrain testing services supporting their drive system development efforts early on. As in Germany and China, the focus will be on testing electric and hybrid drive systems. By establishing a new testing site in the USA, ATESTEO is closing a gap in its global coverage of offering its services wherever the automotive industry develops its propulsion systems of the future.