ATESTEO opens new test benches for environmental simulation at its Kassel location


Left to right: Dr. Lei Kan (CTO ATESTEO), Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Schmitz (CEO ATESTEO), Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Olf (Site Manager ATESTEO Kassel), Uwe Jäger (Mayor of Lohfelden), Dr. Georg Bletschacher (CFO ATESTEO), Wolfgang Börsig (Advisory Board Member, IHO Holding)

  • Expansion of the testing capacity of the specialist for Drivetrain Testing in Germany

  • ATESTEO now offers new, modularly designed test benches, which are compactly built into mobile units

  • Kassel location celebrates its 5th anniversary

At the ATESTEO site in Kassel on 11 September 2019, eight new environmental test benches were opened and placed into service. In a festive ceremony with customers, suppliers, employees, political representatives, key business figures, and guests from the press, the start of operations was celebrated. ATESTEO now offers new and modularly designed test benches built compactly into mobile units, along with its existing numerous classic stationary test benches for environmental simulation. There was another reason to celebrate, as the ATESTEO location in Kassel has been in operation for five years.

In a total of eight new test benches, each with one or two drive machines and an optional climate chamber, environmental simulation tests from ATESTEO can rapidly be adapted to specific customer requirements anywhere at any time. An additional battery simulator is used for environmental simulation of electric and hybrid drive systems.

The five-year anniversary of the Kassel location was celebrated along with the inauguration of the test benches. Operations in Kassel started in 2014 with ten test benches and a mechanical and electro-mechanical workshop. Now, over 40 employees work at ATESTEO in Kassel.

Wolfgang Schmitz, CEO of ATESTEO GmbH & Co. KG, explained, “We are always very close to our customers and recognised early on that particularly in the area of electromobility, demanding testing requirements would lie ahead of us. We have been testing electric motors and their associated components since 2008. With the new test benches, these can be fulfilled even more quickly and efficiently. Environmental influences on parts of the drivetrain can be tested right onsite in Kassel. We are extremely pleased to be able to celebrate the inauguration along with the five-year anniversary of the location in Kassel. The demand for testing in the field of e-mobility was so great that it was necessary to expand our location.”

As the leading independent provider of testing services, ATESTEO steadily increases its offering of testing facilities and equipment. The earlier and more reliably the behaviour of components with respect to temperature, humidity, and shock can be tested during environmental simulation, the higher performing and more durable is the implemented drivetrain. The following tests can be carried out with the new climate chambers: high temperature tests, temperature (thermal) behaviour tests, low temperature tests, and humidity tests.